Monday, 6 February 2017

Hola friends,


It's lovely to be writing my quirky ramblings again after such a long time!

A lot has gone on for me personally, and I have been taking a little time out to concentrate on a couple of new ventures that need both time and energy. Sometimes it can be difficult to demonstrate both, but I am willing, and I know that the Angels and Spirit have my back.

John's antics!

My husband John was diagnosed with cancer before Christmas and has been receiving treatment and even though I 'don't do' negativity, it was a dreadful shock but we are being as positive as we can be. My faith is keeping me strong. John is a very positive man in general, and although he is poorly at present, with rest and support I know he will come through this. So I thought I would share one of his antics with you......

During day 1 of his radiotherapy treatment, our friend Jan accompanied us in case we didn't understand what the Doctor and nurses were saying. My Spanish isn't good yet, and they speak so fast, so 'Poco poco' seems to be my mantra of late.

John got up and went to get undressed along the corridor. From where I was sitting in the waiting room, I could see him in a little green gown. He turned with his back to me, grinned over his shoulder, bent over, and flashed his bare bum at me! What he didn't realise, was that Jan had moved into the seat he had vacated, and she saw more of him than she had bargained for! It was hilarious!  When I told John afterwards he thought I was joking because as he had looked into the waiting room he could only see me! His sense of humour has definitely seen us through all this.

The rain in Spain!

After a wild winter here in Spain where we experienced snow, sleet, hail, and howling winds, the weather seems to have calmed down and today is lovely, bright and peaceful. Just the ticket for meditating with the sun on my face and I do feel it won't be long before 'Spring has sprung'!

Angels & Skype Readings

If you love angels, check out where I share the love of the celestial realms with you, and give details of how to book a Skype reading with me. Each reading includes a personal channelled message from the angels
Check out my Testimonials page to see what others say, There are also free articles that you may find interesting too!

Spiritual Development classes

Last year, my Psychic Development class here in Spain were awarded their Level 3 Certificates. They worked so very hard, and I am proud of their achievement. To see how the have developed throughout their training has been wonderful for me - it was a true gift to be able to share in their celebration.

I have a new class starting at the end of this month which is now full. I have to say, I am as excited as they are, to get started and share the love of the angels and spirit with them.

Platform work

Working with spirit in front of an audience can be so rewarding. When the messages come through, they are filled with love, and inspiration. Very often, when a loved one comes forward they have us laughing because if they had a good sense of humour on the earth plane, that is how they come forward from spirit. One of the most divine places I have worked in, is a private cave in Denia. As soon as I walk into the place I can feel the uplifting energy. I have done a couple of demonstrations here with my lovely spirit artist friend Gillian Berridge and a couple of events on my own. Gillian and I have also done a couple of events at The Club in Quesada. Check out Gillian's website here: -

Forthcoming Workshops

Coming up! Another wonderful 'Archangel Chamuel workshop is on the way for those who missed out last time, and a brand new workshop is currently in the hands of the angels - more details to come soon! I have shared some photos of the earth angels that have attended classes in the past below.

The Costa Blanca People

I write a weekly article for the paper in answer to any questions readers have about Spirituality. I have written about Pets in Spirit, Guardian Angels, Signs from above, Psychic Vampires, Crystals, Cosmic Ordering, and much much more. Some of the articles are included on my website

Rescue Mediums

We are now on Netflix!  UK, America and Australia are just three of the Countries you will be able to watch us do our thing! I wondered why I was getting quite a lot of mail from America particularly until the lovely lady who was having her reading mentioned she had seen every episode of the show on Netflix. Mystery solved!  Don't worry though, if you haven't got Netflix, (link below), you can still catch us on

Self-help Videos on You-Tube

Check out the Video's I have recorded on youtube. There are more to come and I will advertise them on Social Media and my websites

The Quirky Medium

My Award Winning book 'The Quirky Medium' is available on Amazon, as an e-book and a paperback. Why not check it out? You won't be disappointed!

Angel blessings

I thought I would finish with a beautiful quote which to me, sums up how the angels shower us with their love, have everything covered, and when we rest and live in the moment, they can help us on our way. Know that if you ask and believe, you WILL receive.

Many blessings to each and every one of you.

Earth angels every one!

Friday, 13 May 2016


I didn't realise how long it had been since I wrote my last blog but now Spring has Sprung, I feel it's time to update you on what I've been up to.


We've had visitors staying with us here in Spain and more to come. It's so much fun spending quality time with our family and good friends. When they've gone home, my husband John and I try to have some down time so that we have a good balance between work and play!

We are lucky in that our community is a small one, very private and quiet certainly when its out of season. I love the view of the mountains from our roof terrace and watching the sun setting - stunning. I can't wait to swim in the pool, with the warm sun on my face and a cool drink served by my man!

'Into the Light' Spirit Rescuers

Since moving to Spain, I have performed quite a few Spirit Rescue's and I am excited to announce that I am setting up a small 'Spirit Rescuers' Team here locally, on The Costa Blanca. So if you have spirit activity in your home, you know who to call. No, not the Ghost Busters! - Me and my team, who go under the name of 'Into the light'. More details coming soon.

Discover the Angels Healing Cards

I have had wonderful feedback from my angel cards and a friend in Canada sent me this fabulous and very magical image of her deck of cards - I loved it so much I thought I would share it with you.   Check out my website for further details on how to order your cards or you can of course drop me a line, or contact me on Facebook. Each deck comes with a guidance leaflet on how to use your new cards, which are small enough to fit in the glove compartment of your car, your pocket, your handbag, and of course, they are very easy to shuffle. Each deck comes in a colourful little bag and a scattering of silver stars or a golden angel.

Magazine Articles, local events

I am doing local events here on the Costa Blanca, some nearby, some a little further afield - details below. I also write a weekly column for TheCostaBlancaPeople - if you click on the link you can read my latest article on Spirit Rescue Work.  

I also run a closed Spiritual Development Group who are surprising themselves but not me, on how well they are doing. I run this group once a week. I also do 1 to 1 readings from home, and also write a monthly column for The All Abroad Magazine. My article this month (May 2-016 - Issue Number 58)  is part 1 of How to Create an Angel Altar. Although this month's magazine has not been uploaded yet you will be able to view all other editions  here 


Downtime for me is spending time with those I love, whether it's enjoying a quiet drink sitting outside taking in the sights and sounds that Spain offer, a walk on the beach,  or 'me time' at Pilates. I enjoy the monthly Women of Fire get together's where I have made new friends as well as having an opportunity to network. It's always great to share with others. Socially, living in Spain has its perks, and one of them is the many wonderfully organised events. We recently went to see an Abba Tribute Act at The Club Quesada who were amazing, and I am off out again to see a Soul Singer called Barrington. (Now that is my type of music!). Next month we have a few parties lined up, including the Roaring 20's Themed Ball. Definitely one to dress up for!

Forthcoming organised events

A few of you have asked which events I will be taking part in this year. Each event will be shown as part of my calendar on my website  There are a few more events to be added, which I have outlined below. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me @

Monday 16th May THE CLUB QUESADA 'NIGHT MARKET' The Club launches a weekly night market starting at 6pm variety of stalls, food available – Guest Top Performer

I will be doing 1 to 1 readings at this event. Please see The Club's Facebook page for more details.


I will be doing readings at this event. Please e-mail Susan Reader for further details @

Saturday 4th June ARCHANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS WORKSHOP WITH INTERNATIONAL ANGEL TUTOR - ALISON WYNNE-RYDER. 20 euros pp. Details of Venue (Near Benijofar) will be given, at the time of booking. Please note, this event is getting booked up quickly, don't miss out! Please e-mail to

Saturday 10th June THE BREAKFAST SHOW With Dave Bull, the funniest guy on radio! 
I'm looking forward to being a guest on Dave's show again, and talking about my work, quirky goings on, and having a good laugh as always with this guy! The music is excellent too. Listen in around 10am to my interview. More details on Facebook - 'The Breakfast Radio Show'.

Thursday 23rd June at Antisha Angels - A talk by the wonderful Lorraine Lea-Turner all the way from America!


Another fabulous event run by Lorraine, who is a Graphic Artist, and Elsner nominated designer who has brought her unique style to projects for top coaches and athletes, and created award-winning bi-lingual children's activity books that were used as templates by NBA teams.  


This has to be one of the most magical places I have ever been in, let alone worked in!

If you missed the first event that Allira Events organised with myself and the wonderful Spirit Artist Gillian Berridge, I am back at this stunning location doing my thing! Gill is in the UK so can't make this one, but I hope she can join us at future events. See the Poster for full details and check out the great photo's from the earlier event. Tickets are selling fast for this event, so don't leave it too late to book.

Your Angel Card

Thank you for taking so much interest in my blog. As always, I wish you a magical and sparkly time with those you love, and leave you with the words on one of my angel cards. The one I have picked for you, is; -  CELEBRATION

Life is a celebration, but sometimes it is difficult to see it that way when human beings are often concerned with the acquisition of material things, which often bring with them, worry stress and debt. The angels are asking you to reflect on your own spiritual values which will highlight what means the most to you in your life. They will help fill you with courage as you let go of previous pitfalls and/or stale relationships. Prove your worth, by celebrating who you are, and being happy in your own skin. Know that it is often the simplest things in life that are the most precious such as a baby's first smile, the smell of fresh flowers or catching up with friends and family. So pop the cork, pour the champagne, and shout out from the rooftops 'Celebrate good times, come on!'.

Mantra - I celebrate everything about my life

Crystal - Amethyst.

Many blessings,

Alison xx

Monday, 28 December 2015

Feliz Navidad!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas sharing the joy of the festivities with those you love. I felt it was a particularly magical time especially with the arrival of a beautiful full moon at 11.11 universal time on Christmas Day of all days! Not only that, but because it was the Full Moon in Cancer it denotes connecting with those we want to be the closest too, be it family and/or true friends. Because the moon appeared at such a special time of year it made it easier for many people to feel that connectedness with others. Cancer represents that 'homely' feeling as you think of all the good memories at this time of year which helps the not so good memories subside as they leave room for new memories in the making!

The full moon is also a wonderful time to cleanse new crystals as the moonlight will help to charge them with wonderful healing energy. So with all the help that the Christmas moon brings, it is time for many now to let go of anguish, as they start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What a fabulous gift of things to come in the New Year!

It only leaves me to say, have a wonderful time on New Years Eve as you celebrate the triumph of light over darkness and see in the New Year with a bang.

Here is this months angel card from my own pack 'Discover the Angels Healing Cards'. Enjoy yourselves dear friends.  xx

The angels are reminding you that they cannot step in until you ask for their assistance for as a human being, you have free will.  Once you have asked the angels for help, slow down, take some time out and really feel their divine assistance around you. Making decisions from your heart or gut feeling is always a wise choice because you are choosing from intelligence and understanding rather than ego. Your guidance is a subtle reminder to make your own choices in life and never allow anyone to take your power by telling you what to do or trying to control you. Protect all that feels right by demonstrating your own free will. The future is not written, it develops and unfolds according to whether you are consciously aware of which path to take or not. Now is the time to choose wisely.
Mantra - I trust myself to make the right choices in life

Crystal - Carnelian


I am really looking forward to working with my good friend and wonderful Spirit Artist Gillian Berridge at The Club Queseda on Thursday 28th January in a Psychic event with a difference!. Please come along and support us as we hope to raise as much money as possible for The Easy Horse Care Centre who rescue abused and neglected animals. Tickets are 10 euros per person which includes admission to the show plus a mini blue or pink gin on arrival. There will be a raffle with the chance to win some fabulous prizes. Come and say hello and have your photo taken with us in the after show meet and greet, I will be signing books and selling my angel cards and you can see Gillian's art portfolio and find out how you can order a spirit art portrait of your own. Tickets can be obtained by popping into The Club Queseda (tel 966717028) or via e-mail to  During the evening The Club are happy to offer 2 meals (pre-booked) for the fabulous price of 12 euros! Details of the menu will be advertised soon on Facebook and in The Club. Hope to see you there!  

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hola from a very sunny Spain! I can't believe it's November - truly beautiful weather and perfect for sitting meditating in the winter sun. Bliss.....

Talking of Meditation, I thought I would share one of my precious moments with you as posted on FB today. Hope you like it.


" I had the most amazing meditation this morning - so beautiful & uplifting. What was just as beautiful, was when I was grounding beforehand Libby came & pressed herself against my foot. I put my hand on her giving her healing. (She's an old girly now @ 12) & has quite a few lumps & bumps bless her. After the meditation I looked down @ her & she was glowing! She'd been on the journey with me & her aura was so strong & bright. Truly 1 of the most special moments ever.. Feeling blessed."

When you are opening up to spirit or the angels, Meditation is the key - it's the backbone to everything spiritual, so whether you meditate in a group as part of a guided meditation or on your own - remember to have patience and don't compare yourself with others. Everyone is unique and have their own individual qualities. Some people may be able to see more in meditation, others can feel, sense or hear. Gradually, with experience and practice you may be able to combine all of your senses and trust those beautiful higher energies as you engage with them on a deep inner journey of light. Always believe in yourself and trust in the hand of spirit and the angels.

Meditation is a wonderful way also of letting go of everything that no longer serves you. As you calm your mind and ask the angels to wrap pink and green healing light around your heart chakra ask them to step in and help you to move on from all that no longer serves you. 

I asked the Angels to help me to pick a card that would reach out to most of you right now. Letting go can be extremely difficult, but carrying on in a situation that no longer serves you can, in the long term, be even more difficult to the point of being extremely painful emotionally and physically. I know many people are feeling stagnant right now and some are in relationships that have gone past their sell-by date so I hope this card helps you to find the courage to do what you know in your heart, you must do. 


Join me on Saturday 21st November at La Bodequeta Lo Crispin for an Evening of Clairovyance 8pm to 10pm

I will be doing readings at The Footworks Dance Studio - Los Montesinos on Sunday 22nd November

Come along and have a reading with yours truly @ The Mind Body & Wellness event @ Casa Ventura on Saturday 28th November. Free admission!

POSTERS COMING SOON! FOR 2 EVENTS,  On Saturday 19th December I will be doing readings @ THE SOUL TO SOUL MBS, This will be held at Diamantes, El Mojon, Torre Horadada.


My own event At The Club Queseda. Helping to raise money for the Easy Horse Day Care Centre and Poster coming soon!  A PSYCHIC NIGHT WITH A DIFFERENCE WITH THE QUIRKY MEDIUM (Messages for audience members from Spirit) together with the wonderful GILLIAN BERRIDGE, (Spirit Artist). Free mini Pink or Blue Gin on arrival and a raffle with fabulous prizes. AFTER SHOW MEET & GREET & BOOK SIGNING. Don't miss out! Only 10 Euro's a ticket. Show starts at 4pm. After Show @ 7.00 to 7.15pm. THE CLUB WILL BE SERVING FOOD SO COME ALONG AND HAVE YOUR LUNCH BEFORE THE SHOW!

See the link below to find out more about the wonderful work that the Easy Horse Care Centre does to help neglected horses and donkey's.


This week's article in the CostaBlancaPeople was in reply to Linda who wondered if you could have an Archangel as your Guardian Angel. See the link for my reply and subsequent article about 'The Fabulous Four'!  My article is on page 31

This month in the All Abroad Magazine I share information with readers about Spirit Guides. My article is on page 20 of the Online Magazine.


Take a look if you dare... at Very, the brainchild of Rescue Mediums Producer and Director Michael Lamport & Gregory Shepard. Very Paranormal includes some of the scariest ghost hunts you will ever see, together with spooky unexplained goings on, Every episode of The Rescue Mediums Show ever shown, and tutorials from myself and Jackie, my co-host on Rescue Mediums.


Check out my Angel Website for further information about these beautiful channelled cards. I have a waiting list so if you would like to order a deck please drop me a line at

The beautiful image on the front of the cards has been channelled by my very good friend and fabulous Spirit Artist, Gillian Berridge. If you want to see more of her work, please find her at

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing, and always remember - BELIEVE!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Wow, it seems that so much has happened since I wrote my last Blog!


I had an amazing time in Canada meeting such lovely people, I hope you like some of the photo's I have posted below. The whole experience was a magical adventure - one that my Angels and Spirit had been guiding me to do for a long time so I listened, and put their promptings into action!


Since arriving back in Spain I have been away for a couple of days in the Mountains staying in a beautiful village called Benimantell. What a picturesque and peaceful place it was - totally ideal for recharging one's batteries!


For those of you reading the articles I write in The CostaBlancaPeople and All Abroad Magazine, please let me know if there is anything you would like to know more about. In the CostaBlancaPeople I welcome you to write in with any queries you have about the Spirit World and the Angels. In All Abroad, I write about anything I feel readers would find interesting such as information about Spirit Guides, Psychometry etc.

Here are the links to the latest articles: -  Gifted Children.  Spirit Guides.


There are up and coming Psychic Evenings as well as A Christmas Fair and Events where I will be doing 1 to 1 mini readings during the day. Please see below for details : -


This event at Lo Crispin will get booked up quickly so come along early to get a seat and enjoy a wonderful Clairvoyant evening with yours truly!


Come along to one of the biggest events on The Costa Blanca at The Town meets Country event on SATURDAY 14th NOVEMBER 10am to 5pm. I will be doing 1 to 1 mini readings during the day. POSTER COMING SOON!

I will also be doing readings at the following events - further details for all coming soon: -


  • Wednesday 11th November - 1 to 1 readings @ The Christmas Fayre - Club Queseda 11am to 4pm
  • Sunday 22nd November 1 to 1 readings @ The Dance School Los Montisinos -Please check Twitter, Facebook and Blog updates for further details or contact me for further information.

On THURSDAY 28TH JANUARY I am organising a Charity Event to raise money for neglected Horses and Donkey's - Please come along and lend your support whether as an Exhibitor or Visitor. There will be lots to do and see including Taffetta the Pony from the Easy Horse Rescue Centre in Rojales paying us a regal visit!

Stands for exhibitors will be 12 euros or 5 euros if you give a prize as a donation for the raffle. I have already got bookings but I am looking particularly for anyone who makes or sells anything with an 'Animal theme' such as Dog Beds, Collars, Cuddly toys, and I would like someone there who can bake cakes or pies etc as these will sell literally like 'Hot cakes' on the day!  Poster coming soon. 


Whilst in Canada I was filmed giving a short introduction to The Angels for the up and coming which launches tomorrow, Monday 26th October @ 9am!

Here is a message from Michael Lamport - Producer: -

Dear Founders & Friends,

Join us Monday, October 26th, at 9:00 AM ET for the launch of veryparanormal!
As a special thanks to the community for your enthusiasm and feedback, we're excited to offer you an extra 20% off your first year!
Enter discount code PUMPKIN20 when you sign up for a Yearly Membership.
Don't wait! This offer expires at midnight on Halloween...


I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoyed pulling it together!


My best selling book The Quirky Medium would make a wonderful Christmas present either for yourself or a loved one. Check out the advert in the November issue of Soul & Spirit Magazine and go grab yourself a copy. The Quirky Medium - Silver Award winner of the Wishing Shelf Independant Book Awards - Published by Local Legend.


And last but certainly not least I am so excited to announce that my Angel Healing Cards are literally hot off the press! Holding my own deck in my hand is such a magical experience and very similar to when I held my published book in my hand for the very first time!  Check out Discover the Angels Healing Cards! - More information about prices and how to order your deck to come very soon. 

So all in all, a very busy time for The Quirky Medium! If you have an event that you would like me to attend please e-mail me to or you can follow me on twitter to: rescuemediumali

Before I leave you to get on with whatever you were doing before reading this blog, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and to wish you a magical day!

With love, light & angel blessings,

Alison x


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hola from Spain!

It's a hot, hot Summer here, alternating between the 30's right up to 40 when we had a heatwave last week. My family have gone back to the UK now, and I miss them like crazy but we had a fabulous time and it isn't that long until I see them again so in the meantime I am happy speaking to them on Facetime or Skype.

Now I am back at work, there are lots of things coming up this year! I am in Canada in the Fall, and there is an update on the events below, but prior to that, there are are events booked here on the Costa Blanca, as well as ideas in the pipeline for a Christmas event and one in the New Year, too.


THE QUIRKY MEDIUM SHOW! @ THE CLUB, QUESEDA. 1 to 1 readings (only a few available from 2pm)  THE PSYCHIC SHOW STARTS AT 6PM.  If you would like to book a reading with me, please contact Sue - E-mail is on the poster. For tickets for the evening show, you can ring or pop into The Club or e-mail Sue. Tickets are 10 euro's pp.

JOIN ME AT 'THE FIRM' - LOS DOLSES, ON THURSDAY 20TH AUGUST @ 9PM FOR AN EVENING OF CLAIRVOYANCE WITH THE QUIRKY MEDIUM! Please ring the number on the poster to book your tickets. People are booking already - this event is only 5 euros per person & includes a free curry too so be quick as the room will only hold so many people.


All the details are on the Posters - One of the events is now full, and a couple are nearly sold out so don't miss out! I have uploaded the posters in date order.





It only leaves me to say, don't delay! - If you would like to book  a place on the Angel Workshop or purchase tickets for any of these events, please contact the organisers (details are on the respective posters).

As you are reading this, I thought I would share an Angel Prayer I wrote recently - it's very powerful and yet gentle at the same time. It will have more emphasis if you say it out loud as often as you feel the need.  Also below, is The Angel Card of the Month which I know will reach out to many of you right now.

Angel prayer

Say this each morning to feel your angel's presence.

"Dear Guardian Angel, please protect me, & my loved ones & keep us safe. Please surround our home with your loving grace. I feel your presence within my heart, and know that we will never part. Send me a sign sent from above, to help me understand the embodiment of love."


Saturday, 20 June 2015


Dear all,

I hope your having a magical time with those you love and doing what you love. Wherever you are in the world, I would like to send angel blessings from my home to yours.

Here in Spain the weather is glorious! My Mum and Aunt have just gone back to the UK and she sent me a message this afternoon to let me know they had got home safely, and how cold it is. She said it's like winter - brrrr I don't miss that at all! She then asked if she can come back! I think she's missing the sun already.

For those of you who follow me on twittter @ rescuemediumali or who are friends on Facebook, you will know from the updates I have posted that a couple of the events are now full in Canada in the Fall.  These are as follows: -

Private readings with me during the afternoon of Fri 25th September are now booked up. 

The Angel Workshop in Penetanguishine is now full.

There are tickets left for the other events and the Angel Workshop in Grafton. However, these are going fast so please don't leave things till the last minute because once the tickets are sold (there are only so many people we can fit to to a room under H & S) - not counting spirit of course!  I wouldn't want you to miss out as I am really looking forward to meeting as many as you as possible.

To follow are the events that you can still book - to do this, please contact the relevant person from the name and number on the poster. These are in date order: -