Sunday, 9 June 2013


Well this beautiful sunny weather is getting me ready for Spain!  I am looking forward to meeting up with friends, making new contacts and chilling....  A meditation on the beach is definitely called for - I could bottle the peaceful sound of the sea, couldn't you?.

This week has been really busy as usual but it's all good stuff.  My home-town local press did a write-up about the finals of The People's Book Prize click on the link to read it!

I also feature in The Northwich Guardian, click on the link to read -

My column this month in Prediction Magazine is about automatic writing and for those of you who have read my book The Quirky Medium you will know that this is something I do regularly with the help of my wonderful spirit guides and the angels.  Automatic writing is a way of connecting to the guidance from your higher self and I ask you to go for it and have a go yourself!  So sharpen your pencils, what are you waiting for?  If you would like to read the magazine, the June edition is in the shops now - you will find it in W. H. Smiths. I didn't realise that I had been writing for the magazine now for a year now!  How time flies when your having fun.  Talking of which, my Mum Joyce who is 80 this year came to the park today with me and my 3 little grand-daughters. Here she is enjoying herself which I feel proves that your inner child should come out and play no matter what age you are!

I don't often get time to read but I do look forward to my Prediction Magazine being delivered and I skip straight away to the horoscopes pages.  Not only are there the usual astrological messages particularly for us Gemini's this month, but I absolutely love the Chinese Horoscope, & Native American Horoscopes.  In the Chinese Horoscope I am a pig!  oh grunt....  which I am happy about because the qualities of the pig are fab especially combined with my astrological sign of Gemini.  Part of the message for us pigs this month is 'At last, things are on the way up Pig!'  Oh how lovely! especially when it says that me and fellow pigs 'will find it easier to rest & recuperate this month'. In the Native American Horoscope I am a Deer and I belong to the butterfly clan. Prediction also includes an Angel-scope for each astrological sign and mine for Gemini is relating to the angels of attention - where attention goes, energy flows. This is so true in terms of The Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering, so make sure you are being positive and that you visualise yourself doing something you love to create an abundant future. If you see yourself doing well, you will do well.  Don't let 'Doubting Thomas' rear his ugly head!

As a spiritual life coach I hold classes each week and my students are doing extremely well.  Yesterday I shared a beautiful meditation that I had written about The Nature Goddess who gave each person a healing session and strengthened their third eye - beautiful!

I am really enjoying this beautiful sunshine which we don't get much of in the UK so I am making the most of it when I can.  It's amazing how lovely weather makes us feel so much brighter!. I hope you have a wonderful week.  If you love angels, feel free to join either or both of  my angel pages on Facebook - Angel Magic is a closed group and Archangel Harmony is an open group.  Or you can follow me on twitter @rescuemediumali

I am taking names already for my next Angel Workshop - 'Angel Magic' which is all about getting creative with the angels.  There will be more information coming soon, but the date for your diary is Sunday 15th September 2013.  Please drop me a line via my contacts page if you wish to come along.  Places will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

Just before I go, I thought I would share this gorgeous angel poem my good friend Lorraine wrote for me: - I hope you enjoy it.

With love, light & angel blessings,  The Quirky Medium!

My friends I send this angel spell
To wish you joy, to wish you well
I send to those I love and trust
So sprinkle you with angel dust
I'll bathe you in my golden wings
with comfort,warmth and all it brings
BELIEVE relax and close your eyes
My angel magic will energise
Join angel forces so we protect
The ones we love, whom we respect
My angel spell is at an end
and you are now my angel friend