I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, and having practiced Reiki for thirteen years I can’t imagine how my life would have turned out had I not been introduced to the beautiful universal energy of Reiki.

Reiki was founded by a Japanese gentleman by the name of Mikao Usui over 100 years ago and was introduced to the West in 1937.

The word Reiki when translated into English, means ‘Universal Life Force’. Split into two syllables ‘Rei’ means ‘boundless spirit’ or universal transcendental spirit, and ‘Ki’ represents ‘Life force energy’ or ‘sacred energy’. 

Reiki is a complementary therapy which is not connected to any religious practice.  It is a spiritual form of healing and assists in developing self love by looking for the truth within. It helps to restore the body’s natural energy and supports its ability to heal itself. Reiki helps to alleviate physical pain, stress, and depression as well as restoring the body’s natural energy balance by aligning the chakras and releasing any blockages.

What to expect during a Reiki treatment

At the start of your Reiki session the practitioner will discuss with you what to expect as well as answering any questions you may have. You will be asked to remove your shoes, but you will remain fully clothed.  The practitioner will ask you to lie down on a Reiki bed and you can have a pillow under your head or be covered with a blanket if you so wish.  During the session you have your eyes closed and there are no words exchanged during the treatment.  As you become more relaxed you will feel a deep sense of peace and you may fall asleep. There is no need to worry if you feel emotional – this is perfectly normal as Reiki has a way of releasing that which the body no longer needs.  Reiki healing addresses the whole person working on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

The practitioner will place their hands on certain parts of the client’s body starting at the crown chakra (top of the head) and finishing at the feet. The treatment is non-intrusive and Reiki as a whole is about loving intent, so a good practitioner will do everything they can to ensure their client feels relaxed and comfortable. The treatment can last for anything between 45 minutes and an hour.

During the session it is usual to feel heat emanating from the Practitioners hands as the Universal energy is transmitted to the recipient.  An experienced practitioner will know which parts of the body will need the healing the most.  For example, I feel a ‘pull’ to certain parts of a client’s body and when I place my hands over that area, my hands start to tingle and the heat builds up in order to heal that part of the body.

I remember when I had my first Reiki treatment around 13 years ago I wasn't sure what Reiki was as it wasn't as well known then as it is now but as I was going through an emotional time in my life it was recommended to me by a friend who had been attuned to first and second degree Reiki.

As I lay on the couch and gentle music played in the background I could feel the heat from the practitioner’s hands as they worked through my chakra’s helping to balance and realign my body.  I felt extremely relaxed if not a little emotional and I saw lots of blue, purple, green and white swirling colours.

The treatment had a profound effect on me so much so, that I decided that I wanted to be a Reiki Practitioner myself and six months down the line I found myself sitting in a chair being attuned to First Degree Reiki!  That day was the start of a beautiful friendship between me and Reiki as a whole, and everyone around me said that I positively glowed.

I went on to be attuned to Second Degree Reiki and eventually became a Reiki Master/Teacher.  I have attuned many students to Reiki over the years and it never fails to amaze me how Reiki can help bring a clearer sense of spiritual awareness and self-healing into one’s life. I teach people how to become Reiki practitioner's themselves by attuning them initially to First Degree Reiki and many will then continue to go on to be attuned to Second Degree Reiki and Master level.  My classes are friendly, informative and fun.  Please drop me a line if you would like to receive further information.

There are set hand positions that the practitioner will use, when carrying out a treatment.   The practitioner will start by placing their hands on the patients head (crown chakra).  They will then move down the body (in a non-intrusive way), ending up at the patients feet.  When I am carrying out a Reiki Treatment, my clients usually fall asleep!  this is normal, as the treatment is so relaxing.  I also find that my hands will intuitively go to the part of the body where the healing is needed the most. 
There are five spiritual principals, which are the heart of Reiki and which I teach to students on the level 1 class (1st Degree).  These principles are :
For today only -
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others.

A brief outline of the three degrees of Reiki
1st Degree Reiki
Attunement to 1st Degree Reiki is a full day consisiting of 3 initiations within the attunement.  In this class, the students are taught the Reiki Principles in full, the history of Reiki, the practitioners guide to the hand positions, (this includes practical work),  learning about 28 days healing, and the hand positions for self, as well as preparing yourself to treat others, animals, and plants.  This includes health & safety, hygiene, ambience of the room, etc, as well experiencing beautiful meditations,  and discussions regarding individual experiences.  Please note that no two people's experiences are the same.  Reiki is an individual journey, and everyone will experience different feelings during their attunement.
2nd Degree Reiki
Attunement to 2nd Degree Reiki  is a day's learning consisting of 1 initiation.  The day includes an overview of 1st Degree Reiki, learning the three universal life  symbols, their uses,  and practicing drawing the symbols.  I also teach you how, using the power symbol, you can send distant healing to others as well as youself, at different venues/times.  For example, you can  set up Reiki Energy for yourself by using the distant healing symbols when attending an interview on a different day/time/venue.  You can also reiki a room, especially if it is somewhere that holds negative energies.   There will be some practical work included after the meditation.
3rd Degree Reiki (Master Level)  
The third degree trains you, the student, how to become a Reiki Master.   3rd Degree Reiki consists of one initiation, with one last symbol to learn.   However, becoming a Reiki Master doesn't mean that you have to teach, if this is not your wish.   At this level, I  teach on a one to one level to ensure that the student taking such a big step on their spiritual journey, enjoys their own expereince, as everyone has differing needs and beliefs.  Becoming a Reiki Master  is a big step, and not one to be taken lightly.  I always evaluate each student, and will only attune them to this level if I feel they are ready, by having enough experience, and are responsible enough to begin their life as a Reiki Master. 

A couple of case studies

“At a time in my life when I was emotionally upset I approached Alison for a Reiki treatment.  She provided both direct and distant healing to support me through this difficult time.  During my treatment I felt relaxed and close to family who have passed over.  Each time I visualised a beautiful peaceful spot where I could relax in tranquillity.  I doubt whether I could have recovered without the support and inner peace that I experienced during my Reiki healing treatment.”

"I had a Reiki treatment from Alison following the loss of my baby and suffering an ectopic pregnancy.  Both events had left me feeling emotionally and physically drained.  I found the treatment very relaxing, calming yet uplifting.  I felt like my body was weightless, as if I were floating.  I could feel heat from Alison's hands even when they were not physically upon me.  I left my treatment feeling happy and with a clear mind and had the best night's sleep afterwards, which I hadn't had in so long.  I had a subsequent Reiki treatment from Alison when I was pregnant with my son who is now eight months old.  Alison said she could hear a baby giggling when she put her hands over my tummy and felt a strong presence in the room at the time of my treatment.  The strangest thing was that when I was receiving my treatment I saw an image of an angel with a green light around him and although I didn't mention what I saw to Alison, she told me after she had finished my treatment that she had asked Archangel Raphael to assist with my healing and that he surrounded me in a green light.  I will never forget that image and how relaxed and peaceful I felt after receiving Reiki from Alison".


Thanks Alison for a wonderful day, what a great experience. Please feel free to tell anyone what happened on the day. love and thanks xxx Robert & Barbara

Alison Wynne-Ryder (A.H.H.P)

I am a registered Angel Harmonic Healing Practitioner and I’m the only AHH practitioner in Cheshire.  AHH is a wonderful non-denominational form of spiritual healing that involves working with the Archangels in order to heal and bring back balance, whether physically, mentally emotionally or spiritually.  The AHH practitioner’s course is validated by IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International).  Below is the story as to how I was guided to this wonderful course and what I experienced during my convergence.
I studied Angel Harmonic Healing at The Healing Waters Academy in Worcester in March 2010.   I knew I would be working closely with the angels in a healing capacity, but wasn’t sure in which way.  I have been studying the love of angels and their work for the past few years, but knew I wanted to go one step forward and to combine it with my Reiki Healing.  I ‘stumbled’ across Jennifer Garrington’s ‘Healing Waters Academy’ website on the internet and I just knew that this was the course for me as I felt that the angels had guided me to learn this gentle spiritual form of healing.  The course was over a weekend, and during my study, I felt a strong vibrant angelic presence in the room.   My Archangel of the weekend was Zadkiel who imparts joy, abundance and success.  Zadkiel works on the violet 7th Ray.  After I received my angelic convergence I carried out practical training on two ‘clients’, and felt a gentle energy assisting me whilst I carried out the healing.  My client relaxed straight away, and I knew she could also feel the strong but subtle love of the heavenly realms.  The difference with AHH training from other healing methods is that the practitioner is a channel, or a pathway linking with the highest of angelic vibrations, and the client very often feels that they are working in a natural way with you as the channel, and with the angels. The reason they feel this, is because simply, they ARE working with the angels as they receive their treatment, and the whole experience is absolutely beautiful...
So what would a treatment feel like if you came to me for some Angel Harmonic Healing? – Well, as I received some healing myself whilst on the course I can tell you exactly how I felt.  From the start I felt extremely peaceful, and I could feel a shift of energy in the room as the Angels were called upon to assist with the healing.  I could feel a warm energy around me and even though there was only one person in the room doing the healing on me, I felt several pairs of hands assisting with the healing.  I was totally at peace, and felt as light as a feather.  I could see lovely colours swirling around, and I felt more relaxed than I had in a long while.  At one point I felt like I was being wrapped in a comfort blanket of deep green and I didn’t want the healing to end.  Everyone is unique, so each experience will be personal to the recipient.  However, the consistent theme with AHH is that everyone who experiences this spiritual healing whether as the healer or recipient -  will feel relaxed and peaceful as the beautiful Angelic healing energy flows through them.  The treatment can last anywhere between three quarters of an hour, to an hour and is beneficial to everyone including babies, children, pregnant woman and animals. Angel Harmonic Healing is perfectly safe as the healing is natural, and with the assistance and guidance of the Angelic Realms, it helps to dissolve any imbalances in the body in order to make room for positive changes in the recipient’s emotional, spiritual, physical and mental body.  It’s a profound healing session working on many levels of consciousness.  Total bliss...
I am asked by many people, which crystals they should use for aspects of their life such as love, healing, abundance or protection.  This page is dedicated to the powerful energies of these beautiful stones.  I have worked with crystals in various ways from Reiki Healing and meditation to promoting a positive theme within my home and work environment.  Those of you who have attended my Angel Workshops will have had first- hand knowledge of the crystals we can utilise in order to connect with the higher realms.  Please note that I have not included every single crystal available otherwise I would end up writing a book!  I hope the information assists you in attaining answers to your questions.  Below is some brief information about the use of crystals as well as listing the power of these gems which include my ultimate favourites.
Choosing a crystal
Once you have decided which type of crystal to buy, such as one that will assist in bringing love into your life such as Rose Quartz, close your eyes and ask the angels to help to guide you towards the crystal that is meant for you.  When you open your eyes, see which crystal seems the most prominent.  If you are torn between two or three crystals, it’s a good idea to hold each one in turn feeling and sensing their energy and healing vibration.  The one that ‘calls out to you’ in terms of warmth, healing energies, or tingling in your hand, is yours! 
Cleansing your crystal
Before working with your crystal, it will need to be cleansed and charged.  In order to do this, wash it in lightly salted water or the sea, and then place it outside during the day (but not when the sun is extremely hot as you will not want to either start a fire or fade certain crystals such as Amethyst or Citrine).  Place your crystal outside overnight so it can be charged in the moonlight.  Ensure the crystal is only handled by yourself.  If someone else picks it up or handles it in any way you will have to go through the ritual of cleansing it all over again.  If you prefer, after cleansing your crystal you can use the same format by placing your crystal on a window sill.  However, there are certain crystals that you will not be able to cleanse by washing them such as Selenite which is water soluble and layered crystal such as the beautiful Angel Wing Calcite.  Using your initiative is vital regarding crystal care, so if you feel parts of the crystal would break away if you cleansed it in water, then refrain from doing so.   If you do use salt to cleanse your crystal, ensure that you brush off every trace of the salt once it has been charged as this could damage the stone.  Essence of flowers can also cleanse crystals if you leave the crystal and petals of flowers in water for 24 hours.  Excellent flowers for this cleansing practice are Honeysuckle, Rose, or Orange Blossom. The purity of the flowers will strip the crystal of any negativity.  Certain crystals such as Citrine and Kyanite are self-cleansing, so you will never need to cleanse them yourself.  Carnelian needs to be cleansed initially, but can cleanse other crystals.  For example, place a piece of Carnelian in a bag of tumbled stones and let it do the work for you!    

Agate can either be grey, blue, green, pink, brown or clear.  It can be a mix of these colours together, usually banded in appearance.  Agate is a good luck stone, and can harmonise the yin and yang as well as giving confidence, strength, and protection from danger.
Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing stone used for calming and soothing the nerves, bringing inner peace and transmuting anger.  This crystal will assist you in being able to express your thoughts clearly and helps to stop suppressed feelings.  It is a great throat, thyroid and eye healer. 
Amber is orange/yellow in colour and opaque or transparent in appearance.  It is formed from tree resin and is therefore effectively, not a crystal.  However amber is an extremely powerful grounding stone used for higher energies.  It cleanses the chakras and absorbs negative energies.  It is also used to aid the memory.    
Amethyst is one of my favourite crystals.  It is rich purple or lavender in colour, and it can relieve physical, emotional and stress.  Amethyst is spiritually enlightening, helps with meditation and creativity, and is in general, a powerful and protective stone.
Angelite is one of the crystals I use when communicating with the Angels. Angelite is blue & white in colour with veined-like wings.  A powerful stone for healing and speaking your truth, Angelite creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquillity.
Apache Tear is usually black, or dark in colour.  Apache tear protects the aura, and gives comfort to those in grief as well as protecting against negativity.
Apophyllite is a beautiful cluster stone in green, white, yellow or peach in colour.  Apophyllite is the crystal I use when meditating/wishing to visit the Akashic Records, healing with Reiki, or connecting with the ethereal realm.  This crystal is a stress reducer and releases suppressed emotions.  It overcomes worries and fears.
Aventurine is usually green or blue in colour and can be speckled with shiny particles.  This stone is soothing, and excellent for releasing childhood traumas.  It is also known as a positive stone of prosperity, promoting a sense of well-being.
Calcite Green Soothing, helping us to learn from past lessons and good for healing migraines
Calcite Blue Calms the mind and emotions
Calcite Orange Uplifting stone of joy, happiness and humour.
Carnelian Orange, red, brown or pink in colour, it is an excellent stone for stimulating creativity, bringing one into the present, grounding and anchoring.  Carnelian removes the fear of death, gives courage, dispels apathy, and is good for overcoming abuse of any kind.  It can cleanse other crystals.
Celestite is a crystal that I use often when contacting the angelic realms.  It is a beautiful pyramidal crystal usually in the colour blue although it can also be yellow red or white in colour.  It has a high vibrational quality, encourages spiritual growth and urges you towards enlightenment. 
Citrine is known as the ‘happy stone’, or ‘sun stone’ as it is yellow in colour.  It is also the stone of abundance and does not need cleansing.  Citrine is my ultimate favourite crystal and I carry one around with me every day, as well as having a large raw cluster in my home.  Citrine helps to promotes happiness and joy and can also assist in aligning one’s chakras, and giving mental clarity. 
Fluorite can be clear, green purple, yellow, blue, yellow or brown in colour.  This stone cleanses and stabilizes the aura bringing harmony and balance.  It is highly protective especially on a psychic level as it prepares for meditation.
Hematite is silver or red in colour and is very shiny when polished.  It is grounding and protecting stone enhancing memory as well as preventing negative energies from entering the aura, therefore restoring peace and harmony within.
Jade is usually green in colour but can come in shades of blue, red, lavender and yellow.  Emotionally Jade is calming and balancing and can be useful to those who are trying to resolve conflict either with themselves or with others.  It is used for good luck and wisdom.
Jasper is Brown, or red, yellow, green, blue, purple.  It is known as the Supreme nurturer.  It increases the will, and is used for grounding, bringing support during times of stress, bringing tranquillity to the owner.  Jasper stimulates the imagination and enables us to access our dreams through meditation.
Kunzite is pink green yellow, lilac or clear.  It awakens the heart chakra and promotes loving thoughts.  It is a protective stone and is excellent for allowing free expression of feelings.  It is a useful healer for those who had to grow up too fast bringing back lost trust and innocence.
Kyanite Is usually blue or brown in colour.  It does not need cleansing as it doesn’t hold negativity.  It is an excellent stone for attunement and meditation.  It encourages one to speak their own truth, cutting through fears and barriers.  It is also a fabulous crystal for attunement and meditation.
Labradorite is Greyish/black with blue, yellow.  A protective stone which encourages new growth and forms barrier to negative energies.  Labradorite stimulates intuition and psychic gifts
Lapis Lazuli is blue, flecked with gold.  This is one of my favourite crystals.  As well as looking beautiful in jewellery, Lapis Lazuli is a protective stone and helps to contact one’s spirit guide.  It is a fabulous stone against psychic attack, as it blocks the psychic attack and returns the energy to its source.  It is a stone of self-expression, communication and learning to speak your truth.
Moonstone is the stone of ‘new beginnings’.  The colours can be white, yellow, blue, green or cream, or clear (polished).  It is known as the traveller’s stone for protection and it is connected to the moon and intuition.  It helps to calm the emotions and can enhance psychic abilities.
Obsidian is a stone that should only be used by the guidance of a qualified therapist and therefore should be used with care as it can bring deep emotions and/or unpleasant truths rushing forth.  Under skilled guidance it can provide deep soul cleansing and facilitates one to go back to past lives to heal trauma or blocked emotions.  It is a protective stone against negativity and strengthens one’s own energy field.
Peridot can be yellowish green, olive green or honey coloured.  Peridot can release ‘old baggage’, and in ancient times it was known to keep away evil spirits.  It increases patience, clarity, and brings about a positive outlook.
Prehnite is one of my favourite stones and one which I use regularly especially when I am treating a client with angelic healing, and also when I am meditating.  Prehnite attunes to divine energies and can show you the way forward on your own spiritual path.  It calms, boosts the immune system and it can alleviate nightmares, phobias and deep-rooted fears.  It is a beneficial stone for hyperactive children
Clear Quartz crystal – as the name of the crystal dictates, it clear in appearance.  My friend Stella calls this the ‘misunderstood crystal’ because it is often overlooked for its fabulous healing energies.  Clear Quartz raises energy to the highest possible level enhancing psychic abilities, bringing them to the fore.   It is a powerful healing stone, aids concentration, and is a deep soul cleanser.  I place a piece of quartz crystal on my tarot cards when I want to cleanse them.  
Quartz – Golden Rutilated (Angel Hair) – This is a beautiful stone golden in colour, with tiny veins running through it which is why it is often known as ‘Angel Hair’.  I always have a piece of ‘Angel Hair’ in my meditation room, when healing, and during my Angel Workshops.  ‘Angel Hair’ heightens the energy of other quartz stones and is an important healing stone.  It illuminates the soul, removes barriers to spiritual growth and sooths dark moods, offering relief from fears, phobias and anxiety.  Golden Rutilated Quartz also aids respiratory difficulties and is a balancing stone for a sad or weak heart.
Quartz – Smoky.  Smoky Quartz is usually greyish in colour, and is a protector against negative forces.  Keep a piece on your desk at work, especially if you have a computer.  It enhances creativity and learning
Selanite – Usually translucent in colour in the form of a pillar, white satin spar, or egg, it can also be found in a beautiful orange colour.  I have several pieces of selanite, one being a selanite lamp, a beautiful large piece in the form of a spar, and I also have a large piece of orange selanite which I brought back from Canada.  Translucent selanite enhances energy and has a fine vibration therefore bringing clarity of mind.  I use mine when communicating with the Angels, as it assists in accessing the angelic realms.  It is a calming stone, balances confusion, and assists in seeing the bigger picture.
Tigers Eye – Another favourite of mine!  Tiger’s eye is brown-yellow in colour and as a tumbled stone appears to have stripes on it, hence its name.  Tigers Eye is a great crystal to carry around with you or to wear in a piece of jewellery.  It is a protective stone and traditionally it was carried as a talisman against curses and ill-wishing.  It brings optimism and a bright outlook.
Topaz – This crystal comes in either blue, pink, golden yellow or green and is a soothing and healing stone.  Topaz promotes truth and forgiveness, and helps to reach one’s goals, shedding light on your chosen path.  It promotes a good night’s sleep and is known as a stone of health, and wealth.   Negativity does not survive around such a positive abundant stone!  A good one to have around!
Tourmaline grounds spiritual energy, and is an excellent stone for clearing and balancing all the chakras. Tourmaline can be green, black, brown, blue, pink, watermelon in colour.  Tourmaline wands are a favourite of mine as they are fabulous healing tools. This crystal repels and protects against negativity, and aids you in understanding yourself and others, therefore promoting confidence, and banishing fears of being a victim.Tourmaline is also a stone that can form a protective shield around the body. Watermelon Tourmaline is a strong activator of the heart chakra, allowing one to trust in the power of love.
Turquoise – Is known as the ‘traveller stone’ for protection, and has been used as amulets for hundreds of years.  It is a master healer, promotes spiritual connection and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. Turquoise balances and aligns the chakras and promotes inner-calm.


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