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Hi Alison! 
I just wanted to thank you again for my beautiful reading yesterday. It left me feeling so positive, reassured and happy.
This will make you laugh; I told my boyfriend about it and he listened to it with me. When you said April is important and I was blank, he went "it's our one year anniversary!!" Haha. Oops! I apologised and was sort of forgiven haha. I will let you know about anything else I work out or that materialises.
Hope all is well! Oh and I think my mum may have the stone you told me to get she will look later!
Blessings, love and light to you,
Crystal xxxx

Hi Alison

It was lovely meeting you and seeing you in person!  You truly have a wonderful gift, thanks again.  If you could send me the healing prayer to Archangel Raphael regarding the green light I think it was, that would be great.  I will be sure to tell my friends and family members about you.  You are wonderful and have such an amazing gift.  You truly are the real deal.

Love from Toronto,

Brenda x

From Clare on facebook: -

Can't rate Alison's accuracy highly enough. No vague predictions or fishing for information here - she tells it like it is & very often will come up with specific names & dates. I was floored. Get yourself booked in!

Tweeted by Claire - "Just had the most fantastic psychic reading with @rescuemediumali  Names, dates & a telling off!  Not often I'm gobsmacked"

Note from The Quirky Medium - The telling off wasn't from me! but from Claire's Grandmother in the spirit world.  It was a good 'telling off' to guide her in the right direction as there are a lot of wonderful things coming in around this spiritual lady.

Hi Alison,

That reading was amazing! Thank you so much, the reading made a lot of sense and the cards were something else! Beautiful!

Love Lee xx

 Thank you so much Alison! You were the most precious gift I received on Christmas 2013  I am truly very eager and excited to start! It is unbelievable how sometimes unexpectedly the door opens to start doing the work we initially came to do. Can't wait for the wonderful exciting things we could make! Always love to you ♡

Well it's been a wonderful morning skyping with Alison Wynne-Ryder. The Skype Gods did challenge us, but in the end we won. Lol
Had a very amazing reading from Alison full of hope, promise, new beginnings and much good to come. I'm open to all the wonderful energy coming my way. It was particularly wonderful to have my Dad come through in spirit and I'm looking forward to having him around more often now.
Watch for many new and exciting things to come
Anyone looking for an insightful reading from a very talented Angelic quirky Medium, I can whole heartedly recommend getting in touch with Alison and booking in for a Skype reading
Thank you again Alison, I am truly
— feeling blessed. Trish


My father passed over on 4 December 2009. He and I had always had a link where he would know when I was about to phone, or if I needed him, so I was surprised, and more than a little disappointed, that I had not heard from him since his death.
It was now well into 2013 and I decided it was time to reach out to him. I miss him so intensely, I miss his wisdom, his gentleness, his humour, his calmness. I had reached a certain point in my grieving process, but could not get any further through and knew it was because I had to have some contact with him, to know he was still with me and to know he was okay.
I received information about a Mind Body Spirit event and decided to go along and have a reading. I looked very carefully at all the readers who were to be there on the day, and felt I was more drawn to Alison than any of the others and so made an appointment with her. On the day, I found Alison to be warm and friendly and felt very relaxed in her presence. She gave an accurate reading but my dad struggled to get through – probably due to all the noise and distractions in the public hall.
Sometime later I made an appointment for a private reading with Alison without letting her know that we had met previously, or that I was hoping to hear from my dad.. On the day, I had a word with my dad, telling him he had better come through or else!
First of all a grandmother figure came through, wearing a hat and saying the name Mary – this sounded like my maternal grandmother, who always wore a hat and was, indeed, named Mary. She was uncharacteriscally quiet and Alison suggested she may be acting as gatekeeper for someone else. Alsion went on to tell me information around me and my grandmother and then introduced someone who had had a terminal illness who passed over, who no longer was in pain…..well, this was quite generic, so I said nothing. She then went on to say she could see a gentleman marching, holding a cat and in tremendous pain. My dad is described on his gravestone as a gentleman and a gentle man, he was in the airborne forces during the war, we have always had cats and he had suffered tremendous pain – well, that was 4 for 4.
This did sound very much like my dad, but I still needed more. Then more and more specifics began to come out, that only meant anything to me and him, such as a funny story concerning a goldfish, when we fed ducks together, mentioning London, from where my daughter had just returned. Then came the real decider, Alison asked if someone had recently been stung by a bee or a wasp in  a bedroom – a pretty random thing to ask, or it would have been had my daughter’s boyfriend not just been stung on his head by a wasp in my son’s spare bedroom!! The confirmations came thick and fast, he knew I had bought new shoes (something that happens very rarely for me). He talked a lot about my daughter and I remarked to Alison that I had thought he would have mentioned my son. He heard me. A short time later Alison was shown birds flying – which meant nothing to me, then she said just one bird was settling and it was a Robin – my son is named Robin.
My father left us after a tremendous reading and Alison went on to look at the cards I had chosen and very accurately saw my current problems and advice as to how to best deal with them.
I had spent the most amazing hour with Alison. I have had readings in the past and, in fact, have managed some readings myself for others but I have never met anyone with such a strong clear channel as Alison. She is the possessor of a very special gift.
After the reading, I felt so very happy. I know my dad is okay, I know he is still very much around me and my children, whom he adored, looking after them and guiding them and is still very much in our lives. I experienced a feeling of profound calm and peace, which has stayed with me. Now that I am sure that dad is with me, I feel confident that I can call on him for help, guidance or just a hug, and that he will find a way to respond.
The grief I was feeling will never leave me completely, but now it is intermingled with joy and peace and I can look at the future in a positive way for the first time in a very long time. Paula

"Hi Alison.
I just want to say a big Thank you! We so enjoyed our Readings, Hmmm? I.ve no words? , you were spot on! Unbelievable ! It seems you have met most of our family in the spirit world, you said to me about.. The crabs & fish the first thing that came to mind was, me working in my husbands aunts fish smokery, but on the way home from you, it dawned on me, it was my mum & dads fish stall they had in Finmere Sunday market! They used to go down to billingsgate choose the crabs & lobsters etc, from the tanks then take them home & cook them!!! Then off to the market. well!, what confirmation!! How did i forget that! ". Rita & Chris

“I recently had a reading with Alison and it was an uplifting and enlightening experience. Alison conveyed messages from the Angels which gave me advice and guidance relevant to my current situation. I would recommend having a reading with Alison to anyone who is interested in communication with the Angels and receiving guidance in their life’s journey”.   – Karen

Angel channelling via e-mail

This next reading was for a lady's husband who she said had always been a bit of a skeptic! I channelled the messages from a photograph she had sent me on Facebook: -

Tom's reading.  He was well chuffed.  The male in spirit would be his Grandfather, although his Father is in spirit, his Grandfather was in the forces and was injured in the leg.  Tom is Irish and he inherited his Grandfather's war medal.  He brought it back from Ireland and had it beautifully mounted with a photo etc. It has pride of place in our dining room.  He always worried that his Grandfather would be pleased with how he respected his memory and how he looked after the medal.  Your reading has validated for him that his Grandfather is very proud of him and what he's done. 
The upcoming Wedding anniversary is ours in October, the change in occupation is his retirement scheduled for January 2015.  The trip to the dentist .... wow....he's going in on Friday to have a chipped tooth repaired (I didn't even know about that one) lol.  The vehicles have all had their MOT's however, our brand new pickup truck got scratched the other day, some kids ran a key along the side of it.  He was very upset about that and is looking around for someone to fix it.  September is significant in a number of ways for him.  You mention Jim and that is his best mate at work.  Also the name of Webster.  The CEO of the company he works for is a Webster.

Alison thankyou for my reading from the angels.and yourself.it was amazing and on the money I will take the advice given.and funny but I have been thinking about letting people control me and make me feel guilty.and every time I have been scared nervous and asked angels to help I've had a butterfly come around mex that's helped me more than you nowx I'm taking my life back thankyou. And I do talk over some peoplex I will try not to do that. And I am nervous when talking sometimes.x not as much now but I used to be terrible with my nerves.xthankyou I will definatex do all the things you have mentioned as for grandmother on dad's side.xmy dad was a alcoholic and grandma only had time with us when we was little ..xxx
(Name supplied)

A big "thank you" to the wonderful Alison Wynne-Ryder in Spain for a fantastic Spiritual Reading this morning. For anyone considering a genuine, caring connection with Spirit she is the one to see. She also does Skype readings as well as one to one. She has certainly helped me to go forward on my pathway. xxx (Gillian on Facebook)

One of the responses to Gillian's post: -

Couldn't agree more Gillian , I've had a Skype reading here in Canada from Alison and she was not only bang on with validations, but extremely encouraging and compassionate. She's got me turned about and walking my path as well. Trish

MY AWARD WINNING BOOK 'THE QUIRKY MEDIUM' - Silver Award Winner of the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards & Runner up in The prestigious People's Book Prize Awards.

I just got mine today thanks Alison, I got 3 of them. I got two for me, one I put notes in, so the other stays nice. Like you I tend to go everywhere with a "journal" I tend to take notes and write in my favourite books, so I always get two books. I just started to read it and can't put it down, that's why I have not been on fb lol Lovely lovely book. Hubby just found his "story about the children" he was pleased and says thank you. When is the next book coming xxx ~ Frankie.

What an amazing book! Alison is no 'ordinary' medium. Her first-hand accounts of working with earthbound spirits in haunted houses are breathtaking. Her descriptions are graphic but also straightforward, told with total honesty and not a little humour too. There are so many important stories here, this book has opened my eyes to the reality of the afterlife. And by the way, what a brave woman! ~ Nigel in London

Cracking Read: I have a read a lot of books of this nature and this one stands with the very best - I just couldn't put it down. I particularly liked the warm-hearted and refreshingly open delivery. Alison Wynne-Ryder shares her personal journey as a medium with disarming honesty, fascinating insights into her role as a co-host of the Rescue Mediums, and the stories of others who have chosen to share stories of their own with the author. I also liked the strategically placed thought-provoking quotations. I really liked it, and it was a pleasure to read. I do hope that this isn't the last book to be published by this author. I definitely recommend this one. BC ~ Cheshire

This book is a must read for anyone interested in the more spiritual things in life and a little laughter along the way. I have read many books similar to this one over the years and count it as one of the best ever. This has my 100% recommendation. ~ Daryl in Cheshire

Hi Alison just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your book! Amazed me as I was reading about your life ...it could have been me I was reading about! It's also given me the belief in myself to take a leap of faith and go for my dreams! This holiday was to relieve the stress from work and every thing they have been putting on me recently and to make a dicision to leave and work from home. This is what I have decided to do! I have been asking for sugn from my angels...and even whilst thinking about it have seen white feathers and butterfies and numbers especially 5''s...even whilst I was in Italy! ) All I have to do now is Believe!! Thank you xx   Pamela SC

Well done, I really enjoyed reading it and sent a copy to my sister in Norway and she really enjoyed it as well xx Denise

It's a brilliant book, can you write another one now please. Carol M.


This is a message from a lovely lady who was a student on my Discover the Angels on-line course. Due to other committments the course at present isn't available online - but will be downloaded and sold as an e-book on Amazon. I will update everyone as to developments in the near future.

It is such a blessing to be part of 'Discover the Angels' family. This course has brought back so much meaning to my life. I live in Canada and life there has its difficulties, I felt most of the time detached, missing my big crazy loving family every day. This course has given me a purpose there and a dream to work for. Nowadays, everyone is searching for some kind of fulfillment, whether filling our bodies, our minds, our hearts.. But that which fills our soul, is so dearly precious. That, no one can take it away from you.
My soul has flown so high with all those beautiful wings that we are being given. We are not only lucky to be here, but we have been guided to be here. If I have been asked what I have learned so far:
'There is a light within your soul. Turn that light on every day. Feel its beauty, Believe in its strength and let it guide and protect you through your journey'.
I hope we could have someday an angel party to meet you all! Until then, always see that light because only you would be having access to it.
Spread the Light ♡ and Thank you Alison for sharing your love and passion with us all! I am forever grateful to be part of all this beauty!  Shoushan x

When I restarted my spiritual journey (after switching off for a few years!!!) many of the initial images were of eyes - beautiful eyes opening up. It all seemed so symbolic of me opening myself up again, and 'seeing' things differently. I am really really looking forward to listening to this weekend's session, although I will have to do it after getting back from a weekend away. Shame I won't be joining in at the time, but really looking forward to doing it afterwards.  Brenda x


  1. Hello Alison,
    I just wanted to thank you for my wonderful Skype reading with you it was so enlightening and I thank you very, very much. May the angels bless you always xxx Joanne Stainforth Leeds, England

  2. Hi Alison, thank you so much for the mind opening Reading, everything is clear now. I have all the signs that i need. Love and light always. Leah M.