Monday, 18 November 2013

Hello all!

A shorter blog than normal this week...  If you would like a free mini reading then be sure to listen into The Quirky Medium show tonight on EGH Media

I've had a busy week but when the internet went down a few days ago instead of panicking that I wouldn't get all my work done I actually heaved a sigh of relief - picked up a magazine read it from cover to cover, took the dog for a relaxing nature walk, came back and did some de-cluttering.  I felt so proud of myself! Of course the work was still there, but I felt I was in a better place to prioritise what I needed to do and I got through it much quicker than if I had been tired. So if you are running around trying to fit everything into one day, take stock of the situation.  Are you feeling lethargic, emotional, fed up, angry at yourself or someone else? If so, take some time out.  People will understand and if they don't, then they are not worth bothering about because the most important person in your life is you......

Spirit & Destiny December issue features one of my positive affirmations (magazine in the shops now) and in their January edition (out in December) - they have written an article about Angel Harmonic Healing with input from one of my clients Rachel who shares her experience of this beautiful treatment with S & D readers.

I will be appearing in a feature in Chat Magazine in the New Year - details coming soon.  A new Angel Workshop is on the cards for The New Year, too!  Details coming soon.

If you haven't read my book The Quirky Medium yet what are you waiting for?  I have had excellent reviews on Amazon as well as personal messages of thanks from those who have read it. The book will also make a fabulous Christmas present for a loved one especially those who are starting out on their spiritual path and need to know how to go about it.

I am in the middle of writing an on-line Angel Course for those of you who are too far away to attend my  Angel Workshops in person. The idea is that we will connect via Skype so that you can see me and share in the wonderful meditations and exercises - there will be a booklet for each person who signs up to the course.  I have already been inundated with people interested so if you would like to put your name down please let me know.  I will advertise information soon in relation to the content, cost, and how many people I can teach in any one session.  I am really excited about this - watch this space!

I am leaving you with a beautiful quote I found that I wanted to share with you.

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect..... It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections".


Friday, 8 November 2013

Hello & welcome to my latest blog!

Halloween was fabulous - John and I got into the theme of things and got dressed up. We were invited to a party at our friends house and a good time was had by all. I was resplendent in a long bright red wig with horns and John wore a hideous mask which scared the living daylights out of me when he wore it for the first time!

I thought I would share a photo with you that has caused a stir from friends on Facebook. There is a light around my throat Chakra but what can you see on my friend Sarah's plate?  Truly amazing.....

I hope you all had a great time on Guy Forks night - we missed the organised firework display but I was lucky enough to see our neighbour's private firework party before we went out for an Italian meal with my sister and her friend whose birthday is on 5th November. We had a double celebration as it was John's birthday on the 3rd. John is a typical Scorpio male full of ideas, devoted to me, but he can also work in mysterious ways. Well it keeps me on my toes!

Yesterday I met a lovely gentleman who had been communicating through e-mail and Facebook who had come over for a holiday to the UK from Canada.  We have a mutual friend, and it was a pleasure to do a reading for him and have a wonderful chat afterwards about all things spiritual particularly the wonders of synchronicity.

With this cold and wet weather it's harder to get up in a morning especially for me - I have never been an early riser but it's important to keep moving and exercising. I have started jiggling! Yes, I have a jiggle and a giggle at Jiggle-Fit and I am starting to feel more toned up already.

So what has The Quirky Medium been up to? I am getting excited about an on-line angel course I am writing for those of you who can't attend my Angel Workshops personally.  It will be a fabulous way of understanding the love of the angels and how to communicate with them from the comfort of your own living room. Many of you have also been asking if I would put some of my meditations onto CD and I am happy to oblige! Watch this space for further details & relevant dates in the near future.

I have written a positive quote for Spirit & Destiny Magazine which is in the December issue (in shops now). The quote, for their festive issue is aptly called 'Footprints in the snow'. I will also be featured in the January edition of Spirit & Destiny Magazine (out in December) along with one of my clients Rachel as we both explain about Angel Harmonic Healing from both the practitioner's point of view and the recipient.

I will be back on the Quirky Medium show on EGH Media on Monday 18th November at 7pm GMT - join in @ the chat room or ring in if you would like a mini reading from myself.

My book The Quirky Medium is selling fast on Amazon, only 1 copy left today on so grab yourself a copy.  When they get more in stock why not buy some for friends - they will make a fabulous Christmas present!

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the one person you need to look after right now is yourself.  I hope you enjoy reading the following which the angels dictated to me one morning this week.

Hey you there! Yes you, the fabulous person whose reading this right now. You bring a smile to so any faces you'd be there in a flash if someone needed help. Not only that but you work hard, have a big heart & are so beautiful that there is only one of you in the whole wide world - how cool is that? You are caring, considerate & trustworthy & are known to let your hair down & have fun too!! Yes you've made mistakes & yes you've taken the wrong route in life a fair few times but these are all lessons on your journey. One thing is sure- your angel loves you unconditionally & your true friends have stuck by you through thick & thin. What isn't there to love about you? So pick yourself up brush yourself down, if you need help ask for it & look in the mirror & say "I am proud to be me - I love & respect myself".....
Believe........ A Wynne-Ryder

Wrap up warm and snuggly, show the world how magical you are and have fun!