Saturday, 6 December 2014

Hi there!

Welcome to my festive blog! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone already and that although it's December, the sun is shining here in Spain.

Discover the angels & new friends

So what have I been up to? Firstly, working hard on my angel cards, and writing articles and classes for my Discover the angels website  Why not check out a sample card, & have a look around the website which has recently had a revamp. If you subscribe to my newsletter you will be one of the first to know when the angel cards are being launched, read my angel blogs, and be the know about forthcoming events and offers!

I have also enjoyed taking part in several MBS & Christmas Fayres here in Spain and making new friends along the way.

Synchronicity has always played an enormous part in my life and no more than now! I would be here for hours sharing all with you, so all I will say for now is that events have led me to meet some very beautiful souls, who I am very happy to call my friends.

Angel Workshop coming up!


I am really looking forward to holding my first angel workshop in Spain! Check out my Angel pages to see photo's of previous workshops which were full of wonderful people and beautiful celestial energy. If you have always wanted to know how to communicate with the angels and meet like minded people, why not put your name down? I have already got bookings for the workshop but there are a few places left. The venue will be advertised nearer the date of the workshop and the venue may be changed depending on how many people attend. For now, it will be between Queseda and Benijofar. Once you have been awarded your place and have paid your deposit, I will send out further information about this beautiful angel day.  The cost to attend is 20 euros pp with a non returnable deposit of 5 euros.

Merry Christmas

 It's mine and John's first Christmas in our Spanish home and although it's not snowing I do feel quite festive now. We went out with friends last night and the restaurant was decked with lots of decorations, a fabulous tree and people eating their meals resplendent with party hats and laughing over the silly jokes in the crackers. What a lovely atmosphere.

This week I have been invited out to more Christmas lunches, and social events so it'll be a busy one, but lots of fun!

The Quirky Medium!

If you haven't read my book The Quirky Medium yet, what are you waiting for? It would make a fabulous festive gift for a loved one, or you could treat yourself! It's an award winning book, and I have had excellent feedback from people who have read it, many reading it 2 or 3 times. It's available now as an E book too, so you can download it straight onto your kindle!

Love & blessings

I hope you all have a wonderful time during the festive season but spare a thought to those who are not looking forward to it for their own personal reasons. Here is a mini blog I posted on Facebook yesterday which I am hoping will reach out to someone to let them know they are not alone.

"It's so hard to feel positive when you are going through a difficult time in your life and although you don't feel strong at this present time, just remember all the times you have bounced back, and the good things that have happened in your life. Nothing is ever perfect, and if it was, there would be nothing to learn, nothing to aspire to, and nothing to give. Life has it's ups and downs, but the good always outweighs the bad. There is light at the end of the tunnel if you believe, and know that you deserve the best. Christmas is literally around the corner - but this can often remind you of those who you've lost and at a time when most people are feeling festive, others are feeling heartbroken or alone. So spare a thought for everyone - imagine sending golden light out to all of your friends on Facebook and asking the angels to wrap them in their healing ray of light. It doesn't sound much, but if all of us do this, at least one person will feel that unconditional love to help them turn a corner & get up, brush themselves down and say "I believe".

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hello friends

A quirky update

A little update from me so you know what I've been up to! I am typing this looking out over the mountains on a beautiful sunny October day. Hard to believe it's Halloween, and I have been so busy I haven't had chance yet to polish my broomstick!


Meditation is the key to any spiritual practice and I must admit I don't meditate as often as I should, but this morning I had the most amazing meditation and I am literally tingling and feeling very humble right now. To say it gave me so much comfort and peace, is an understatement and I feel very blessed to have been a part of it.

Quick move!

It's amazing how quickly the time has passed since moving to Spain in April this year. Hard to believe it's 6 months since we packed up everything we had, pets included, and started out on our new adventure. Lots has happened during this time which those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know. It has been so lovely to share my adventures in Spain with you all, and I feel blessed to have your love and support.


Synchronicity has played a big part in how we made new friends here, and the angels are guiding me towards like minded people. One of the things I felt sad about when moving to a new Country was leaving my family and friends behind. However, most of them have been over to visit us here, so it has made me feel totally at ease, as we see familiar faces, and new ones, too!

Triumphant Lemons!

Today I was excited as the tiny lemon tree I planted in April has produced it's first lemons. They haven't turned yellow yet, but they look a very sturdy and healthy fruit. Earlier on today after taking a photo of my lemon tree I chose one of my Saints & Angels cards - the Triumphant card, and I had more tingles when I read this last paragraph. "It's your angels' great pleasure to help you navigate along a smooth path. They know that you'll grow faster in a peaceful setting, just as a plant grows strongest with the optimal nutrients, sunlight, and water. Your life is becoming more stable with a quieter form of excitement. The drama of obstacles is now a thing of the past".

So what have I been up to?

Last week I exhibited at The Homes Gardens & Lifestyle show - I did mini readings and sold signed copies of my book, The Quirky Medium. It was a wonderful show and I met so many lovely people, Those who had a reading had wonderful confirmation from the angels and the spirit world - even a couple of people who initially said they were sceptical!

Discover the Angels is being updated as the plug ins on the original site couldn't keep up with the amount of information downloaded. Migration has been successful, so we are now building the site which will hopefully be ready within the next week or so, with new and exciting articles. Those of you who have already subscribed to my newsletter will be the first to know when the new website 'goes live'. In the meantime, our Discover the Angels page on Facebook is still very much active. If you haven't checked us out, why not take a look? You won't be disappointed.

I am currently working on a new angelic project, details of this will be coming soon!

YouTube Video - Alison Wynne-Ryder 'Decluttering with the Angels'

I will be recording a short series of video's on You-Tube to help bring a little angel magic into your lives. Here is the first one in which I talk about how you can de-clutter your life and mind with the help of the angels.


Mini Meditation - The Rainbow of Light

I know that many of you are going through some form of transformation, and this can often be quite unsettling so I thought I would share this mini healing meditation with you.  It is perfect for those of you who haven't meditated before, or those who have tried to meditate but find difficulty in quietening their mind. Simple to visualise, just turn off your phone, find a quiet place, light a candle and go with the flow.

As you sit in quiet contemplation, make sure your feet are firmly on the ground, close your eyes, and relax. Send roots down from the souls of your feet into mother earth. (this is called grounding, or anchoring). Then imagine a bright white light descending slowly from the sky, and as it gets close to you, wrap this celestial light all around your body so you are totally cocooned in angelic light. Over your head is a rainbow - sent to you from the angels, bringing you joy and upliftment. The rainbow eventually starts to expand - see it, and feel at one with it, as it gets bigger and bigger - getting so big that you are now a part of it, as you bathe in its vibrant healing colours....

Stay as long as you like in the healing rainbow....  know that the healing rainbow is a beautiful gift for you, direct from the angelic kingdom of light. Notice how peaceful and serene you feel...

When you are ready, open your eyes, and send the rainbow of light to someone in need - this may be a family member, a friend, or a certain situation. Love transcends all boundaries so you can send it to anywhere in the world. Please don't worry if you don't see all the colours of the rainbow, if you have learned how to feel peace in your heart, and are doing this with loving intent, the angels will do the rest. Be proud of yourself - your Guardian Angel is!

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Thunderbolt & lightening!

We had the most incredible storm here in Spain earlier on this week. Flash lightening was lighting up the sky every couple of seconds, intermittent with fork lightening, loud claps of thunder and torrential rain. There was a mini tornado behind the storm, and the trees were trashing about and anything that wasn't tied down clanged up the road. Wow, what a spectacle!

The weather has calmed down now, but as we are at the end of September, it is much cooler. I for one am enjoying the fresh brisk air after the high's of 40 degrees in August when I literally baked!

Discover the angels!

I have been keeping myself busy by writing my Discover the Angels course & articles for the website @  There are new ventures in the pipeline so watch out for them!  I would like to thank the people who have shared their true angel stories with me - but there is still room for more, so if you have anything you would like to share with others, please let me know by sending your story to

Perfect gift for Christmas

If you are at a loss for what to buy for a special person this Christmas why not buy them a copy of my first book 'The Quirky Medium'? Check out my testimonials page to hear what others say.

Homes, Gardens & Lifestyle Show La Finca, Alforga

If you are in the Alicante region of Spain in October, I will be exhibiting at the Homes, Gardens & Lifestyle Show - La Finca Golf & Spa Hotel, Algorfa. Dates are Wed 15th & Thurs 16th October. The show starts at 10am and finishes around 5pm each day. There is a show celebrity Mark Stacey doing Antique Valuations, I will be doing mini clairvoyant readings & selling signed copies of my book. There are talks by local experts, The Costa's Cook Off, Art Competition & Gallery and competitions such as 'Crack the Safe & win cash'!  Entrance fee to the show is 2,50E


If you are local to the Alicante region of Spain and would like a 1 to 1 reading, please contact me via my e-mail address    However, did you know that I also offer Skype readings & e-mail angel readings no matter where you are in the world? These are proving extremely popular so if you'd like a reading just drop me a line!

Reiki & Angelic Reiki

I have been practising Reiki for 13 years and as a Reiki Master Teacher I attune others to become Reiki Practitioners themselves. I am also an Angelic Reiki practitioner bringing the healing energies in of the divine from the angelic kingdom of light. Please get in touch if you would like a treatment or you would like a chat about being attuned to Reiki.

Healing room

Now that my healing room is complete, the energies are sublime, and my foot is better after 3 months of immobility and pain so I am ready to start building my client base. I was off to a great start this week when I did a couple of readings recently for two lovely ladies. One lives locally and the other has visited her sister from America. They came into the room together, and spirit were happy to come through to give so much confirmation to them of their presence. Here is the story as posted recently on my Facebook timeline: -

A fishy tale?

Those of you who know me personally will know it's rare for me to blow my own trumpet! But I had to share the feedback from the readings I did on Wednesday as I am a rather happy bunny now I am starting to build my Spanish client base. Since moving to Spain we've been so busy working on the villa, then I went to the UK for a week, came back and had my accident. Because of this I couldn't do Reiki Treatments as I couldn't stand up for long. I managed a few Angelic Reiki Treatments and sat down whilst giving the healing, but I've not been able to get out and about to make new contacts as it has taken 3 months for my foot to heal. This is where divine timing comes in as I was told to rest, and eventually did as I was told, until that is, until very recently.
In the meantime I have been busy working on Discover the Angels, and doing Skype and e-mail readings but as yet hadn't done a 1 to 1 reading which I have always loved...... In the UK I had a large client base with many of those people being regular clients who passed my name on and that is how my client base grew. Moving here was a risk to put it mildly as I have had to start literally from scratch but I always go by my gut feeling and heart when making decisions and both John and I knew we'd made the right move.
Okay, so, back to the reading, I was over the moon as the energy in the room practically 'glowed' as 1 family member after the other came through. I was boiling hot (as all you Medium's will contest to!) it is warm work to put it mildly when spirit come close, and they were amazing - giving their names clearly, memories from the past, who they were with in spirit, and what was around both people now, as well as giving information for the future. Not a bad start at all for me in my new healing room me thinks! And when I think how upset I was to leave my healing room in our old house. The energy of course, has come with me to our new home! Here is the feedback, hope you enjoy reading it. Both ladies took the majority of what I had given, but I was amused when I was shown crabs walking around and I could smell fish really strongly! This is the confirmation about that information.
"Hi Alison.
I just want to say a big Thank you! We so enjoyed our Readings, Hmmm? no words? , you were spot on! Unbelievable ! It seems you have met most of our family in the spirit world, you said to me about.. The crabs & fish the first thing that came to mind was, me working in my husbands aunts fish smokery, but on the way home from you, it dawned on me, it was my mum & dads fish stall they had in Finmere Sunday market! They used to go down to billingsgate choose the crabs & lobsters etc, from the tanks then take them home & cook them!!! Then off to the market. well!, what confirmation!! How did i forget that! ".

Angel card

Before I go, I thought I'd pick an angel card to thank you for reading my blogs, and being so supportive. As always, I ask the angels to help guide me to a card that will reach out to everyone who will read this, so here goes......


"Ask us to help you in this situation, and we will immediately go to work on your behalf. We're governed by many universal laws, and among them is the free will that allows you to make your own choices and decisions. So we patiently await your request".

Look after you!

The most important person in your life is you! So take care of yourself, be gentle with yourself, and trust your own intuition. If it feels right do it, if it doesn't feel right, don't...  Everything you do in your life is your choice. Don't let others take your power or try to control you. People who do this are very insecure and because of your loving and trusting nature, they can often take advantage. If you need help, as the card I picked for you is indicating, ask........and look for the signs that the angels will leave for you along the way. If you need more information, read some of the articles I have written on my website Love & angel blessings,  Alison  xx


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hello lovely people!

It is still very hot here in Spain but as it's coming to the end of the Summer season, it has gone quieter - and although we had a glorious summer with lots of visitors it's nice now things have slowed down a little.

Because of my foot injury I haven't been able to get out and about as much as I would do normally, and have been forced to rest. However, I haven't let it beat me - I can get out a little now, and yesterday we had a lovely day by the beach. I can't walk on the sand yet, so the next best thing was to sit with my husband at our favourite cafe' watching the world go by with a fresh Sangria in hand. (Well you have to, don't you?)

Now that I am not working in  a conventional' job I have more time on my hands to focus on new projects, and spending quality time with my husband. We are thoroughly enjoying our friends and family coming out and staying with us - it's only a 2half hour flight and takes less time than driving to London and of course, they will enjoy the beautiful weather here, as well as our company of course!

I am missing our neighbours here now they have returned to England. What a lovely family - they would send round little snacks and/or tasters of food they had made, and we enjoyed an evening at theirs having a laugh, eating home made food and drinking copious amounts of wine! We had fun with them in the pool and evenings out watching the fiesta's and saints parades/fireworks.

Because I can't walk far, I have been swimming every day - it is fabulous exercise and if it is quiet by the pool I am often accomanied by one of my 'creature comforts' one or two of my cats!  A big sign on the gate says 'No Dogs' but of course, no-one can stop a cat jumping over the wall. It's so funny to see them walking around the sunbeds and meowing at me while I am having my swim. Then they trot back home again behind me once I have finished.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here is what I have been up to work-wise, and what is coming in!

Makings of a new book - can you help?

Well I have started writing my second book - it is a work in progress at present, but if you have had experiences in any of these areas and are happy to share your true life story with others, please drop me a line: -

Seeing/feeling an angel
Meeting your Spirit Guide
Seeing a spirit or 'ghost'
Special spiritual pets
'Help beyond the grave'

Your full name won't be printed if you don't want it to be, I can keep things anonymous but if you share your name, I am happy to include your website if you wish. As before, you can write to me at or you can send me a private Facebook message. People enjoyed reading the experiences of others in my book The Quirky Medium so I would like to include more in my new manuscript. Your help will be truly appreciated!

Discover the angels

I am enjoying working on my on-line angel workshop which is proving very popular, I have had excellent feedback from existing members - so if you love the angels, and want to know how to connect with them by listening to beautiful guided meditations and reading my informative e-books, why not subscribe to our Newsletter?  If you like what you see, and decide to become a member of Discover the Angels, you will get discounted readings and up and coming offers. Check out my testimonials page and find out what others think.

Last week I was back on KTPF doing mini readings and chatting to host Susanne. If you missed the show you can listen in again on playback here: - or check out their Facebook page.


I am am back at work doing 1 to 1 clairvoyant readings, Reiki attunements and Angelic Reiki treatments. I am also collating a list of those interested in my Spiritual Development classes and Angel Workshops.  If you live in the Alicante region of Spain and want to learn more, please drop me a line to and I will be happy to have a chat with you either over the telephone or a coffee!

Skype readings/angel e-mail readings

I offer Skype readings, and angel e-mail readings which have become extremely popular as you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home! I am getting really busy so if you'd like to book a reading, please e-mail me so I can book you in to avoid disasppointment.  Check out our Discover the angels Facebook page for further details, and of course, either of my websites.

Home Garden & Lifestyle Show

On the 15th & 16th October I will be exhibiting at 'The Home Garden & Lifestyle show at La Finca Golf Club Costa Blanca. This is a huge show with thousands of visitors - I will be selling signed copies of my book The Quirky Medium, doing mini readings & chatting about my on-line angel course & forthcoming workshops. If you are there, please pop by to say hello!

So there you have it up to now, but before I sign off, remember to believe in yourself, and be true to who you are. This is your life, and you are in charge of what's to come. If things don't seem right at present, be prepared to change the situation because the new cannot come in, until the old and outworn is where it needs to be, in the past. It is time for a fresh chapter in your life - rebirth..... Bring your awareness back to the here and now, because the present, truly is a gift.

If you want to find out what I am up to on a daily basis, why not follow me on twitter to rescuemediumali

Have a wonderful day, and believe......

Monday, 21 July 2014


It's been a couple of months since I posted my blog and a lot has happened since then. We have now settled into our new home and recreated a place of ambience for ourselves and our beautiful pets. The place needed a lot of updating, some tlc and angelic house blessings from yours truly. For those of you who are friends on Facebook you will have seen the transformation, and the wonderful photo's of our dog and cats enjoying the peace of their new home.

A month ago, the evening before my birthday I slipped on wet tiles and ended up with a torn tendon. I can't tell you how much pain I was in. An injection supposedly for the pain at the health centre didn't work, and I couldn't walk at all. I was taken to the hospital where I was taken inside in a wheelchair but after a few hours of tests and an ex-ray, they said there were no broken bones. I was told to rest, not to use stairs and to see my GP in a week's time.  I had to take my friend with me who is fluent in Spanish to interpret for me, and it brought it home to me how useful it would be for me to speak the language myself. I have already picked up a few words, but those words put together would make the strangest sentence which would go something like this!  Muebles' perro, por favour, gracias, dos, uno, vino blanco, vino tinto, de-nada, bale... Which translated means 'Furniture, dog, please, thank you, one, two, white wine, red wine, no problem, and okay....  Yes they would lock me up so I do need to get learning and quick!  I have since had 3 more trips to the GP, another trip (parden the pun) for another X-Ray as the Doc wasn't happy with how the sole of my foot was bruised but since then the brusing has gone, and although it's swelled, I can get around a bit although I'm conscious not to overdo it.

It is Fiesta time here in Spain - lots of fireworks and firecrackers going off, parades, disco's until dawn (no, I didn't join in that one), and all in all, the Summer means that everyone is happily enjoying themselves.


Discover the angels programme

Well, I am very proud of my on-line angel workshop - if this is something you are interested in, take a look at the website and sign up for our newsletter. If you like what you see, I would welcome you as one of our members. I ran a successful live webinar for members last night entitled 'Connect with your Guardian Angel' which was so serene - I could feel the wonderful energies in the room and have had excellent feedback. I was also very excited about a wonderful FREE e-book entitled 'Working with the angels' which was offered to those who have joined the Discover the angels Face-book page. We currently have over 1000 members!

Rescue Mediums

I will always be a Rescue Medium and am very proud to have been part of such a successful show.  The show is airing again on CBS reality in the UK and Europe during alternate mornings & afternoons on week-days. Check out the schedule here - don't miss us!

The Quirky Medium

I am so proud of my award winning book of the same name! & I have received fabulous feedback from The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards, and am over the moon to be a silver award winner. Here is part of the feedback and I hope you like the 'catchy quote' as much as I did!

"Cover 10/10
The readers thought the cover was excellent. Strong central image of the lady herself, very easy to read 
fonts and a superb blurb, particularly the first line enticing the reader in. One reader put in her
feedback, ‘What I liked most about the cover werethe colours. Being a graphic designer myself, I know how difficult it
is to get colours just right. This designer understands colours.’
Editing 10/10
The book was well structured with no apparent spelling or punctuation errors.
Theme 10/10
The readers thought this book was highly inspirational. They also thought it was a fascinating insight
into the work of a medium, in particular, her work on the TV show.
They very much liked how the book was divided up which kept the book feeling fresh. Many of the
readers enjoyed the Rambling and Thoughts; others enjoyed The ABC of Spirituality. One reader put,
‘The Ramblings and Thoughts were very accessibly written. It gave the reader a chance to understand where the author is
coming from in a ‘day to day’sort of way.’ Another reader put, ‘Iliked the ABC part. Not only was it informative but,
despite being an encyclopedia of sorts, it was still written in a fun and light-hearted way. I learnt a lot from the chapter.
Now, at last, I know what Shamanism and Psychometric are!’

To Sum Up
Thanks very much for entering your book in our small awards. Our readers very much enjoyed your
book. Not only did they feel it was well-written and informative, it was also very well presented with
a enticing blurb. Congratulations on being a SILVER MEDALIST.
I guess the only criticism was from a few readers who felt some of the most difficult moments in your
life, for example, when you had to deal with an abusive second husband, felt a little rushed. Worth a
thought for future writing.
I hope this feedback is of help to you and I wish you every success in the future.

Catchy Quote
“An insightful and often surprising look into the world spirituality. Almost
impossible to put down.” The Wishing Shelf Awards

It's work as usual!

Since moving to Spain I have enjoyed doing numerous Skype readings especially for people in Canada, the USA, and the UK.  I am doing readings locally on a 1 to 1 basis, as well as Reiki healing, Angelic Reiki, and teaching in Angel Tuition, Reiki Attunements & Spiritual Development. So if you live in the Costa Blanca region of Spain why not get in touch? @


I will be exhibiting at the prestigious 'Home, Garden & Lifestyle Show' at La Finca Golf & Spa Resort on the 15th & 16th October - why not pop along to say hello? More details coming soon!

Divine Timing

I often quote to others that things take time, and to have patience so I need to take a leaf out of my own book - having initially feeling rather frustrated at not being able to get about much, I am using the time where I have to rest wisely. There is another book on the cards, and other new ventures on the horizon - watch this space!

Summer is here!

It is very very hot here in Spain at present, reaching 42 degrees the other day. It has been 38 today but it is easy to cool down. I had a lovely dip in the pool this morning which helped my foot no end, and I never say no to a lovely cool glass of vino blanco.. I have always drunk lots of water, and I am drinking literally gallons now! I keep in the shade during the hottest part of the day, but I can still get a little sun first thing in the morning and after 7pm at night. We have some beautiful sunsets here...  I never tire of watching the orange glow of the sun slowly descending behind the magical mountains.

Friends & family

Many of our family and friends are coming out to see us and I am so excited - I can't wait to see them - In fact my lovely friend and Reiki Master Pam has already been to stay and she only went back a couple of days ago, missing her already.  My daughter and 3 gorgeous Grand-daughters come out on Wednesday and we have more friends coming out in August, September and October! I will still be working as they will no doubt be going out to the beach or taking a dip in the pool while I am slogging away....tee hee hee...

Don't be shy

If you would like further information about a Clairvoyant Reading, Skype reading, Angel E-mail reading, healing session or one of my classes, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail.  In case you didn't catch it earlier, here is my e-mail address again   I look forward to hearing from you.

Take it easy

I know many of you will be going away on holiday soon if you haven't already been, so have a magical time and enjoy the change of scenery.

With love & blessings, The Quirky Medium    x

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hello there!

La Casa Wynne!

Well, John and I have settled into our new home in Spain after all the upheaval and most of the internal work has been done. Our pets are happy here too, and enjoying the lovely warm weather. When I was taking the dog for a walk earlier today I looked around at the mountain range, the blue sky, and felt the sun on my back and I can honestly say I felt totally at one with myself - what a lovely feeling. by the way, I don't have a sign on the front of the house as per the heading above!!

On-line Angel Workshop

I've been busy working on my On-line Angel Workshop so if you haven't had chance to see what's on offer, why not check it out @ there are plenty of articles as well as the chance to be one of the first to know when the on-line course is being launched, by subscribing to the Newsletter.  As a member of the workshop you will receive offers and/or discounts on forthcoming events, readings and literature.

Here, there, and everywhere!

I'll be back in the UK in a few weeks time and I'm really looking forward to catching up with family and friends. We will have lots to catch up with and places to visit so here's hoping I take some sun back with me as I believe it's a wash out at present!

Readings & Workshops

 I am doing 1 to 1 readings here in Spain, Reiki healing & attunements as well as Angel workshops/angel healing, and Spiritual Development classes. Look out for my article and advert in The Big Glossy. Up and coming events and workshops will be advertised in the near future. I will be doing Clairvoyant readings & events in Cheshire UK later on in the year, and of course, Skype Readings, and Angel E-mail readings are proving very popular as these can be done wherever you are in the world.  To book, go to my 'readings' page on this website and send me an e-mail.  I will then let you know my availability.

The Quirky Medium is a  winner!

My first book, The Quirky Medium was a finalist in The People's Book Prize Awards, and more recently has been awarded the Silver Certificate in The Wishing Shelf Independent Awards. It makes a great holiday read whether in hard copy or as the e-book.  Read it in bed if you dare!


Synchronicity is one of the most beautiful ways that our Spirit Guides and Angels communicate with us and a lot has happened around me lately since moving to Spain. Messages have come via new people I have met, the name of the road (Calle) where we live - which I've mentioned before, and overhearing conversations about subjects I'd talked about earlier in the day. Not to mention dreams, finding feathers in unusual places and that strong feeling of deja vu when you visit somewhere that you know you've never been to in this lifetime and yet, it seems very familiar.... Look out for the signs of synchronicity because there is no such thing as coincidence - these events happen to make us sit up and notice, and most have relevant meanings to help you onto the next step of your spiritual pathway.

Do you have an angel story to tell?

I am looking for true and  unique stories of angel visitations for a project I'm working on. I'm particularly interested in hearing about heightened senses where you know or feel, that your Guardian Angel has stepped in, or an event cannot be explained other than having been divinely guided. I am also very interested in true stories about, or from children who have seen angels or felt comforted by them, and any of you who draw angels via creative inspirational art, and how your gift started.  If you are happy in sharing your experience please e-mail me or if you are already friends on Facebook, you can send me a private message.  Any published stories will win a prize as well as including any promotional stuff you'd like published such as your website, social media pages etc. - details will be revealed in the near future.

Radio Blog

Listen in to KTPF radio blog where I will be talking about all things spiritual and doing mini readings on air. Date to be confirmed soon!

Angel card of the month

This month your Archangel card is Uriel who works on the ruby ray made up of purple and gold. This is the ray of wisdom and spirituality. You are blessed to attract this angel card, for Uriel will bring you serenity, love, tranquility and peace. You, in your turn, are invited to spread these beautiful qualities to others. Connecting with Archangel Uriel will enable you to aspire to oneness with all humanity. This is a high state of grace which will bring you freedom and joy. Visualise yourself in a purple and gold cloak and invoke Archangel Uriel's helpl to raise your consciousness.

Harness the Full Moon!

Earth energies have been somewhat turbulent of late, and I often turn to the moon for help when I need an extra boost of energy. I have been meditating on our rooftop and bathing in the moon's spiritual beams of light. Sound mad? not to me, because it works! and the moon beams energise my crystals a treat too. The new moon especially is a time to plant new seeds for the future, so the upheaval that many people are going through at present can be attributed to change that they have go through, which will then lead them to their place of destiny. So the next time there is a full moon, notice how the moonbeams have a healing effect that can work as a release of anything stagnant you are holding onto. Say the following incantation: - "Dear moon please send your beams of light to surround my heart with love. Help me to release any worries and strife to bring healing into my life".  Thank you.

Blessings to each and every one of you.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hola Amigo's

Before I tell you the story of our trip to Spain I thought I would update you as to my fabulous news, and forthcoming events.


The Quirky Medium is AN AWARD WINNING BOOK!  I entered the Wishing Shelf Independent book competition last year, and was told earlier this year, that I was a finalist.  This week, my Publisher from Local Legend e-mailed me to give me the fabulous news.  His e-mail was entitled 'WOW'!  I am being awarded a Silver Certificate for the Quirky Medium.  Such exciting news and I am so proud of my first book.  We opened the champagne that evening!  When I receive my certificate I will frame it and hang it in pride of place in my healing room.


Now we've finally got the internet! my On-line Angel Workshop should be live by the end of May - those of you who have subscribed to the Newsletter will be notified of the date the course starts. I can't wait to get started as the content is amazing - I work directly with the divine energies of the Celestial Realms.  I have already written beautiful meditations and articles which I know you will absolutely love.....


I am booking people in for Skype Readings which I can do wherever you are in the world so why not treat yourself or a friend.  Is there a birthday coming up?  A Skype reading makes a fabulous present for a loved one. Send me an e-mail via my contact page if you'd like to book a reading. See my readings page for further information.


Angel e-mail readings are becoming very popular if you need a little direction from the Celestial Realms.  I have already done a couple since moving here to Spain and they are a wonderful way of the angels speaking to you through messages they relay to me, which includes a 3 card angel spread.


I will be back on EGH Media very soon to continue with the popular monthly Quirky Medium show.  Don't miss it!


For those of you in the Costa Blanca Region of Spain please contact me via my contact page until I get a Spanish Mobile.  Drop me a line if you are interested in any of the following; 1 to 1 readings, Angel Workshops, Spiritual Development Classes, and Reiki Attunements.


Yes we are here finally in our new home in Spain. In fact we have been here for a month now.  There has been so much to do but we are getting there, and I am so happy with the results.

Leaving our old home

It hasn't all been plane sailing though especially in 'our previous life' in our old home.  I was so upset knowing we were leaving such a beautiful house and garden with my meditation room which was a haven of serenity at the top of the garden. I should have taken more notice of our pets at the time because after doing the very last reading in my healing room I started to take my pictures down and removed the figurines and candles from my angelorium, our dog Libby came into the room. Nothing strange about that, but this was the first time she had come into the room for months. She was promptly followed by our 2 cats Tara and Celeste.  The 3 of them stood together looking around, then they looked at me, and sauntered back into the garden.  I know they were saying their goodbyes....

Saying goodbye to the house

On the day we left the house, I went through so many emotions but by the time our buyers arrived to move their stuff in, I had 'moved on'. Walking through each room in the house, I knew it wasn't ours anymore and the lovely energy will move with us to our new abode. It seemed strangely eerie - devoid of anything that resembled a home as we had already packed up all our possessions. The angels were preparing me for the next chapter in our lives. That was a turning point for me as I realised that a house is only bricks and mortar. It's the inhabitants who inject love, energy and harmony into what will eventually be, a blessed home.

Our pets start their journey to Spain

Two days before we moved, our pets were picked up by the pet carriers.  I was distraught as Libby (who had never been away from home) was put into a cage.  She was shaking, and her furry face crumpled - I felt so upset and guilty and rushed into the house. The cats were next to go in - simple you would think as they were taken to the van in individual cat baskets. They had both been taken out and I couldn't bring myself to see them being put into the cages as well, so I remained in the house. As I was trying to compose myself I heard the cat flap bang and my instant reaction was that a stray cat had come into the house.  Wrong - it was Tara, she had made her escape from the van, and ran for safety to the home she had only ever known.  Talk about trauma!  I was thankful at that point that it was pouring down with rain because if the weather had been fair, she would have run off and we would have never caught her in time as they had a couple of hours journey before going over to France on the ferry. When John finally caught her, she was placed into the van, and off they went, my  gorgeous furry family on their adventure when we would finally meet in Spain......

Things come to try us!

Our journey was also fraught with problems - first of all, we had a 3 hour delay at the airport. Then when we landed and went to pick our hire car up from Alicante Airport, the hire company had gone home!!  It was 3am and we were stranded at the airport. Not our finest hour by any means, but I was not being defeated. We got a taxi to our apartment ( we wouldn't get the keys to our villa until later on that week). In the taxi, we couldn't see anything as it was thick fog - but I had a laugh with the taxi driver, as I pointed to it and I said "Fog" He repeated it until he'd got it right and he kept smiling and pointing to it saying "Fog, Fog"....  I had to laugh as I imagined him going home to his wife, and saying "Fog" and I knew that would not mean the foggiest to her!  Well at least his English was far better than my Spanish!  Something that I am going to do something about. I don't want to live in another Country without at least having a bash at learning the local lingo!

Casa Wynne!

So here we are now.... We waited a few days until signing at the Notary and getting the keys for the villa.  We were both so excited when entered our new home and saw that it was much nicer than we  had remembered it back in January. Yes it needed updating and painting, but everything about it is perfect for us.  Location, views, and the fact it has an under-build which is where I will be working from, and where friends and relatives will stay when they come to visit in the Summer.

Cat on a hot tin roof!!

I'm so happy here, I feel peaceful and am feeling inspired. My favourite place (apart from my healing/reading room) is, believe it or not, on the roof!  We are going to have a swing up there where I will write more meditations and my spiritual journal. The views are beautiful, and I could stay up there for hours. I can hear the birds singing merrily away and I love the sound of the palm trees wafting gently in the breeze. Our cat Celeste likes to join me up here - she is drawn to the energies when I am talking to my angels.  We are in an elevated position so I can see the mountains clearly, and hear people's laughter and I love listening to the mix of music from the surrounding villa's. It makes quite a magical sound which is carried on the wind...  It is another world, literally....  Each of the roads here are named after crystals.  Ours is the same name as one of my Spirit Guides - talk about synchronicity....

Angel Card

To close, the angels are directing me to pick a card for my readers so here it is! It has been drawn from 'Healing with the Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.  Enjoy!


Your Guardian Angel wants you to know how much they love you right now. Your angels' love is completely unconditional & all-encompassing. You are not alone.  This card has been drawn for you as a love letter from your Guardian Angel who wants you to know, "I am right here, I have never left you and can never leave you". You deserve their help and attention.  There is nothing that you could have ever thought, said, or done that could ostracise you from your Divine helpers. They never judge or abandon you for the mistakes you make. The angels are simply here to support you so that you can spiritually grow, and help others".


What a beautiful message! remember to always believe, keep hope & harmony in your heart and pay attention to new thoughts and ideas that come to you direct from the angelic kingdom of light.  Believe....

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hi lovely one!

Thank you for reading my blog - now that spring has finally sprung I feel like I want to get out of bed earlier, get out amongst nature and I really do have a spring in my step!

I've had a mad whirl of stuff going on the past month or so, but it's all great as I believe that what you put in, you get back and the hard work is paying off.


If you haven't seen my new website, why not check it out @ where I have written some great articles that will give you a taster for what to expect when my On-line angel workshop goes live! Subscribe to the newsletter to be one of the first in line re the workshop & forthcoming events/promotions.


I enjoyed the Psychic Night last night at The Moulton Verdin Club in Northwich.  Spirit were amazing as usual, and as I moved through the audience with messages, they made us laugh, too. We all raised the energy in the room at the start of the evening and you could feel the positive vibe in the room as loved ones came forward to give words of comfort, love and laughter.


By now most of you know that I am moving to Spain soon which is where I will be doing the first Webinar for Discover the angels on-line workshop.  I will carry on as normal with Skype Readings and e-mail angel readings. I will be doing 1 to 1 readings for people in the local area, and will be taking part in events in the Alicante region of Spain.


My book 'The Quirky Medium' is selling fast especially on Amazon, so don't miss out, get yourself a copy and enjoy reading about my spiritual journey as well as reading behind the scene's exerts from The Rescue Mediums.  The show will be airing again in the UK on the 2nd April on CBS Reality UK, check out further details @


Once I'm settled in Spain I will be blogging again to let you know how we are getting on - it is a massive change for John and I, and I get butterflies every time I think of it, but it is a calling, something that feels right - so I am embracing this change rather than resisting it because there are many new ventures on the horizon.


As an author, I resonate with this quote which makes so much sense to me so I thought I would share it with you. It's by Carlos Ruis Zafon.  "Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it.  Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens'.


Remember to always have confidence in yourself.  Last night at the Psychic Event I was feeling a little nervous, but I heard a spirit lady that had come forward say "Don't worry lovey, we are here, and everyone will enjoy the evening we'll make sure of that".  How cool!


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hello all!

Well a lot has happened since my last blog - a 'lorra lorra' stuff!


First of all, I am chuffed to bits that my new website is coming together nicely. My On-line Angel course will be launched in Spring this year, so if you would like to be one of the first to be notified of it's release, subscribe to the newsletter!  Check out the link above to learn how to 'discover the angels'.


It was St. Valentines day yesterday. John (my husband) gave me a lovely card and 12 red long stemmed roses - truly beautiful.  We were going to stay in and cook a nice meal celebrating with a bottle of bubbly but after a very busy day, we decided to go out to our favourite Chinese Restaurant instead and we enjoyed spending much needed quality time together.  It was a beautiful full moon too which is a magical time to cleanse and energise your crystals!.  See my article on this website about crystals, and how to cleanse them.


Those of you who follow me on Twitter or are friends on Face-book will now know that John and I are moving to Spain. Our house here in the UK has been up for sale since before Christmas and viewings were slow to start with but once New Year was over, things started to move and we have now sold it!


 In January we had a short trip to Spain and looked at a lot of houses. Most of them were stunning, but didn't 'feel' right which is a big thing in my book. We were just about to give up when a good friend of ours who lives in Spain suggested we look at a couple of Villa's that we had disregarded initially because they looked too small from the outside but apparently this was deceiving.  She said they were roomy inside and may be 'right up our street'. We decided to give it a go and once again, we were in the car with the Estate Agent off to look at yet another property.  


I had, of course, been speaking to my Spirit Guides and my Guardian Angel asking for a sign and I knew they wouldn't let me down. I decided to go with the flow, knowing that the right villa would come along and of course it did...  When I think back at some of the larger, stunning properties we had seen, both John and I were surprised when we entered the property.  It needed updating and a little TLC...  but the location, the views, and the fact it had an under-build which was effectively another 'house' underneath the main part of the building, was attractive but it was how it 'felt' which swung it for me. I felt at home....  Then for the 'wow moment'! The name of the street or 'calle' is the name of one of my Spirit Guides!  If that isn't divine guidance, I don't know what is!


We don't have a definitive date yet for moving but the wheels are definitely  in motion and I will keep everyone updated as to developments. In the meantime it will be business as usual. Once we have settled in our new home in Spain I will be doing 1 to 1 readings locally, as well as Skype Readings to anywhere in the world.

I will be busy organising Angel Workshops, Spiritual Development classes and Angel Healing as well as teaching/attuning others to Reiki.  If you live in the Costa Blanca region of Spain and you want to know more about what I can offer, please send me an e-mail via my contact page.


Join myself and Stephen Lambert (one half of the Extreme Ghost Hunters)  for the popular Quirky Medium Show on EGH Media. We will be chatting about all things spiritual and I will be carrying out mini Clairvoyant Readings during the evening.   Ring in if you would like a reading, or join in the chat room.


Join me on Friday 21st March for an evening of Clairvoyance at The Moulton Verdin Club in Northwich, Cheshire.  I will be doing audience participation readings and mini readings throughout the evening. More information coming soon.


I received some correspondence yesterday from Patrick Hawes' Manager and I wanted to share a little about this gifted classical composer.  His new album 'angel' is being released in March this year and it is, without a doubt, simply stunning. His video about the 'Angel of Mon's brought a tear to my eye.  Check him out at


Remember that when you have belief in your heart, you can achieve anything. When you resist opportunities that come along or stick your head in the sand, you feel stagnant and this is when you feel like you are losing all hope. Read the articles on to see how the angels can help you move on in your life and believe...

Friday, 31 January 2014

Magical Universal energies

Hi everyone, I hope your having a magical day.  Well, it's been a while! Seems ages ago when I was writing my last blog wishing everyone a Happy New Year and here we are, rolling into February already.  January has whizzed by, a lot has been happening at once and I have been carried along on the tide of life.  Universal energies are very strong right now and changes are occurring swiftly with no exception to myself.

The Wishing Shelf

I am over the moon to be in the finals of The Wishing Shelf Independent book awards in the Adult non-fiction category. with my first book, The Quirky Medium.

The Quirky Medium Author Page

 Check out my author page on Amazon for further information about me, and my book!

Discover the angels

As if that isn't enough excitement I have launched my new website today which is dedicated to the angels and how they can help you to lead a positive life if only you know how to talk to them, notice the signs they leave for you and which angel to call upon!  to name but a few subjects you may want to discover about the angels

On-line Angel Course - coming soon!

New for Spring 2014 - I will be teaching an On-line Angel Course so if you want to be one of the first to sign up for this wonderful course subscribe to the newsletter now!

Forthcoming Events

Join me in an Evening of Clairvoyance at the Moulton Verdin Club in Northwich on Friday 21st March - I will be giving messages to people in the audience and mini personal readings.  The event only recently been so look out for my tweets @rescuemediumali   coming very soon.

I will be doing readings at the South Manchester Mind Body & Spirit Fair @ The Chorlton Irish Club, 17 High Lane, Chorlton on Sunday 23rd March. The event will be a wonderful day out if you enjoy all things spiritual!  Hope to see you there.

Stay positive

I know it's very difficult to remain positive if you are worried about something or are wondering how an event in your life will turn out.  However, you may be blocking your own process through worry or stress which can create a stagnant feeling.  In order to move forward rather than backwards try to meditate as much as you can - turn the phone off, put on some relaxing music and inwardly ask your Guardian Angel & your Spirit Guide to surround you in their loving light & show you the way.  Believe & make a wish!