Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hello beautiful people

Some of you will know that my book, The Quirky Medium has been nominated for The People's Book Prize Spring 2013.  We only have until the 20th May to vote now, and every vote counts so please can you be kind enough to vote for me if you haven't done already.   I will love you forever!   Just follow the link below to register, you will be sent a password which you enter - when you click on my book you can vote.  Thanking you in anticipation.  I will keep you all posted.

Wishing you all a very magical day!

With love light & angel blessings from The Quirky Medium.  x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hello my lovelies

It's been a busy few weeks but in a good way.  Spirit have been keeping me on my toes and I had an amazing time last night at a psychic supper where my good friend Paul Demartin invited me as special guest.  Along with the ladies in his psychic team I did one to one readings and carried out a psychic demonstration  in front of an audience where I was given wonderful messages for the people listening to the show. During the 1 to 1 readings I had a little boy with me and when I mentioned it to the lady I was doing a reading for she said she hoped he would come through - it was her son sending his love to her from the spirit world. He gave me so much information as confirmation of his presence and it was a joy to be able to pass those messages on to his Mum.  On my last reading a gentleman came forward and I heard "It's about bloody time"!  when I conveyed this to the client she fell about laughing. She said it was her step-father and it was him to a tee. He also said to her "The grass really is greener over here"....  Apparently he said before he passed that he would come forward to make his presence known and to tell her what it was like in the afterlife. This was just one of the messages he shared during the reading.  I was honoured to be able to pass on so many messages of comfort during the evening.

Prior to this, a couple of weeks ago I had noticed a lot of spirit activity in our house.  Some of it was the usual stuff such as lights going up and down on their own which has always happened and is due to my own psychic energy but this was very different. Here is what happened: -  It started off when our little grand-daughters were stopping over on the Saturday evening.  They had been in bed for about an hour and I had checked on them regularly.  John and I were downstairs watching television when I heard someone walking around upstairs and the dogs tail wagging and banging against the radiator.  Her tail only wags when she is getting fed, or she is pleased to see someone!  I ran upstairs thinking one of the girls had got up, but they were all fast asleep in bed. Very strange, but not as strange as a few nights later when I heard a rattling coming from the kitchen.  When I went in to see what all the noise was about I could see a coffee cup rattling around on the saucer of it's own accord.  I asked who it was, and as soon as I spoke it stopped rattling. It was poltergeist activity but I wasn't scared and the pets weren't freaked out either. So what was going on?  I didn't have to wait long to find out.  A few days later John went over to our place in Spain to get some work done and I was alone in the house with our pets.  I woke up this particular night and looked at the clock which said 4.04am.  I wondered what had made me wake up and then I heard it.  A very strange sound which seemed to be all around me, then it moved to the wall. Surely it can't be inside the wall? I banged on the wall, and the sound moved.  I went onto the landing to try to locate where the sound was coming from now, and I opened the front spare bedroom door and  an eerie cold met me.  The sound was coming from inside the wardrobe in that room and I have to say I felt quite scared at this point so I switched the light on, and the sound stopped abruptly. I walked around the house checking where the animals were, who didn't seemed perturbed at all.  They were all asleep in their respective beds.  It was obvious they were aware of our 'intruder' but they weren't freaked out by it and I just knew it was a spirit child.  The noise sounded like a toy - similar to a small ball going round and round in circles but with a strange thud, then it started up again.  I knew the sound was familiar but I just couldn't place it...The next evening the same noise woke me around the same time only it was louder this time - I knew whoever it was wanted my attention but I shouted out to them to stop saying I was tired, but it carried on and on. When my daughter came over the next day we went into the spare bedroom and she exclaimed how very cold it was in there.  At that point I heard the noise and hoped she'd heard it too, which she had.  She said "Mum, it's a spinning top"! Of course - that is what I had heard - the spinning around, and the thud at the end was when it had stopped, then the whirring sound of it going round and round again. When Lauren had gone, I opened up and asked my Spirit Guides to help and I wrote down the messages I received and linked in with the spirit who was a small spirit boy called Samuel who definitely needed my help - it was his time to go over, but I knew I couldn't do this alone so I asked my friend Sarah to come and help. My friend Stephen suggested that I put some flour on a board in the room with some toys and coins around it as all children like to play with coins, so I did exactly that, explaining to Samuel what I was doing. I added some farm animals to the board, a little toy mouse, and some coins. When Samuel came forward he overshadowed me and some of what he conveyed was too awful to comprehend but he was mostly upset by having to leave his little brother Tom who he had been looking after. He had lost Tom's spinning top and kept going over and over the last time he saw his little brother and his beloved toy. Healso mentioned an older sister, Mary,and when the light came, they both came forward to guide him over to the next life. It was such an emotional rescue, but the room seemed to 'lift' as soon as the little one had gone over.  We blessed the room, smudged it, did our angel incantations, and drew the reiki symbols over the walls which made the room feel warm and inviting - just as it should be.  Here are a few photo's where we captured an oblong orb, a 'normal' round orb, and I wonder what you make of the red light around the figure on the front of my Spirit Guide's book?.  As you can see, a couple of the coins had been moved and it's all pretty amazing stuff, but the most amazing, was when Sarah said "Look Ali, look- and pointed to the flour - there, as clear as anything was a small smiling face.....  A thank you from Samuel for sending him over to his loved ones and confirmation that he is now at peace.  I haven't heard the spinning top since. - Thank goodness!

This week I was a guest on the paranormal Radio Blog K.T.P.F.  They had a camera crew in the studio recording some of their shows and it just happened that they wanted to film whilst I was doing my readings on air.  I did a few readings with excellent feedback and also did a mini reading for one of the guys from the crew.  He said he was quite skeptical about psychics but when I said I could see a little leprechaun dancing around he laughed, as he had just come back from Dublin with some of his friends, and they'd had a conversation about a little leprechaun on top of their Guinness!  It made us all laugh and I really enjoyed the show.

Today I have been catching up on some work, e-mails, and on the way home from Byley this morning I wrote a meditation in my head for my angel workshop. You'll be pleased to hear I wasn't driving at the time!  I'm really looking forward to the workshop and meeting everyone. Don't forget if you are a friend on facebook and you love angels, you are more than welcome to join my closed group 'Angel Magic' or my open group 'Archangel Harmony'.

I will love you and leave you for now, and wish you all a magical weekend.  Let's hope the weather gets better as today has been a strange mix of all our seasons together.  We've had sun, rain, hail and sleet- no wonder mother nature is getting rather confused.  I feel confused, too - who am I?!

Tata for now,

With love & blessings,

The Quirky Medium   x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Halo everyone!

The Quirky Medium here - I had a wonderful time on the radio blog show EGH Media last night and thank you to all of you who listened in.  This will be a regular show once a month so if you would like a mini reading ring in or join the chat room.  For those of you who wanted to listen into the show but missed it, you can listen in to the archives just click on this link: -

So what have I been up to?  The earlier blog tells of my car breaking down which forced me to rest - things definitely happen for a reason!  I also attuned 2 lovely people to Reiki at the weekend and we had such a wonderful day working with beautiful energies and we had fun which is paramount in my book.

Talking about my book, I do still need as many votes as possible please to go into the finals of The People's book prize so please vote for me by clicking on this link and following the instructions.  Thank you so much....

Calling all Earth Angels.... It is very interesting that since I have been taking Juice Plus capsules, I feel so much more grounded! I think it must be that the capsules are filled with condensed fruits & vegetables from the Earth... so I am feeling more connected to Mother Nature ~ I feel guided to share this wonderful product with you.  I am looking forward to my Juice Plus Wellness evening tomorrow night.  Check out my website for further details of Juice Plus or add me as a friend to learn more about what I call 'Magic in a capsule'.

I still have a couple of places left on my Angel Breath Workshop on Sunday 19th May, please check out my forthcoming workshops & events page for further details.

I have picked an Angel Guidance card for you as I know that the message is meant for anyone reading this blog and I will send you love, light & blessings on the wings of an angel.

Time to go!

The sun sets and rises each day, and it's the same with the avenues of your life.  See the beauty within each sunset in your life, and know that the sun will also rise again tomorrow.  Endings are merely the start of a new beginning, and we are with you through each phase and cycle".

Enjoy your week, and don't let anyone stand in your way.  If you have a decision to make, go with your heart and your gut feeling & shine!  I love this quote: -  "The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there" - Ellie Rodriguez.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hello beautiful people

Don't forget to listen in tonight to EGH Media - I will be a guest on the show as well as doing mini 'taster' readings on air.  Click on the link for further details.

I thought I would write to you this week about how we spend most of our lives planning ahead and then when it doesn't go according to plan we are not sure which way to turn.  I have had one of these weeks, but I am a great believer in that things happen for a reason.  Here is what happened.

On Friday I decided to have a much needed day from working and decided to spend time with my Mum.  I went to pick her up and got as far as the next street when my car conked out. It was strange as I felt that something was going to happen (I must be psychic!) and as soon as the gear stick felt loose in my hand I knew.. that car, me and Mum were not going anywhere - well not very far, anyway!

Mum walked round to the local garage and I stayed with the car.  I rang my step son Gary who is a mechanic but got no answer just as an elderly gent came from around the corner to ask if I needed help.  He said he would give me a push as the car was skew whiff across the road but I felt awful, I thought - this little gent can't push my car as I steered, but do you know what? he did!  He went on his merry way, and a mechanic from the garage turned up and put the bonnet of the car up.  He said it was the gear selector linkage that had broken off and it would be a specialist dealer who would have the part so I would have to order it.  Mum turned up not long after and we paid him.  We rang my sister who for once was off work and she took me home. Mum ended up having a day out with her, and her friend Jane who was up from London.  I hadn't seen Jane for around 20 years so it was wonderful chatting to her in the car on the way home and we exchanged details.

Once home I took the dog for a long nature walk and I noticed so many wonderful (and not so wonderful) things along the way.  Firstly I saw a man by the farm looking down by the fencing and as I got nearer, he said "Look at that rat". I couldn't believe what I saw, it was the most enormous rat with it's head stuck in the railings, very dead, but an odd spectacle if I have ever seen one.  Everything on that walk seemed to be heightened, the birds singing seemed louder, beautiful and succinct, and I saw a cheeky robin who flew down to watch me walking along with the dog.  I saw a bright yellow butterfly alight from a branch on the tree and dart about over some daffodils.  The dog found the pond and went for an impromptu swim as I stood on the bridge enjoying the spring air, and calm ambience of the place.  It really was bliss...

I realised once home again that I needed some rest and rejuvination - I hadn't had much of that lately and I stopped feeling guilty about Mum's day being spoiled because of my shed (I mean car!!). She had a whale of a time with Carol and Jane, and I saw her on Sunday with the rest of the family.  Gary rang me back and has sorted out the order for the new part for the car and although I havn't driven the car now for 5 days, it really doesn't matter.  You put things into perspective - there is so much going on around us so a car conking out really isn't the end of the world.

On Saturday I attuned two wonderful people to 1st Degree Reiki - the energies in the room were amazing and we also had a lot of fun, too.

On Sunday, after hearing a strange noise in the house at night for the past 3 evenings I decided to do some psychic detective work to find out who it was making the noise which always seemed to be around 4am in the morning.  After checking all the usual logical explanations such as heating, floor boards creaking etc. to no evail it was obvious this was a spirit and they were calling out to me for help.  When I linked in with my guides I was told it was a young boy called Samuel around 9 years of age.  The noise sounded like a toy and I couldn't put my finger on what it was - at first I thought it was a ball, rolling round and round, but it seemed to come to an abrupt end, then start all over again.  It was coming from one of the spare rooms near, or inside the wardrobe and Samuel told me he hid in there as he felt safe.  The room felt heavy and I couldn't breathe properly and there was a deep cold building up around me - I knew he was ready to go to the light but I needed help which came in the form of my lovely friend Sarah who has already helped with a few spirit rescues.

Prior to this, the evening before, as the noise got louder and louder, I asked him to do something else and I heard a light clanking noise which came from the corner of the room where my jewellery was.  I stood still as I saw a little angel on one of my necklaces slightly swaying back and forth.  He said he liked angels.......
That day, my daughter was round at my house and I told her what had been happening and she walked into the room.  She said "Oh Mum, it is freezing in here, really creepy" and she then heard the noise.  She turned to me and said "Mum, it's a spinning top".  I realised in that instance that she had hit the nail on the head - that is exactly what it was that I had heard.  Oh bless him...  Just before Sarah arrived I had a chat with 2 of my good friends on Skype who suggested I put some flour down on a board with coins around it and little toys. I went into the room and explained to him what I was doing, and why.  I told him that I was there to help and my lovely friend Sarah, who also liked angels would be helping me.  Once she arrived we got ourselves set up in the room with crystals, candles, our angel figurines and jewellery and we waited.  We were not disappointed - after what seemed to be hours  he came towards me quite suddenly and showed me what had happened to him in his short life.  It was devastating and all he could think about was losing his little brother Tom's spinning top. He felt guilty leaving his little brother and losing his favourite toy, but we consoled him and when the light appeared, his brother Tom, and his older sister Mary came to greet him & they guided him over.  Afterwards the room felt so much lighter and we checked the flour. One of the coins had moved, and there was an addition - a little smiley face etched in the flour.  Samuel's way of thanking us for helping him.

So you see, my week turned out the complete opposite to what I'd planned.  My car broke down, I had a spirit child in the house who we sent to the light, and I can't get out and about as much with no transport but do you know what?  It really doesn't matter because I have had time to do some much needed de-cluttering in the house and I've had some quality time with me!.  Remember to live in the moment, and believe..........

Thursday, 11 April 2013

People's Book Prize Spring 2013 Nominations

I am overjoyed to have been nominated for the People's Book Prize Spring 2013 - I need your 

votes to get through to the final so please vote for me!

Please click link to vote for me!

Hello beautiful people

How is life treating you right now?  For those of you who are feeling tired, fed up, hurt, angry, I hope you like this little poem I tweeted recently - it is like a little comfort blanket from the angels to remind us of their presence.  I hope you like it : -

Give your feelings of hurt, anger frustration and heaviness up to the angels so they can shroud you in their loving light and positivity. They have your best interests at heart so enjoy the peace they impart, and believe....


Try your best to do just that - if your burdens are too heavy, give them up to the celestial realms and ask them for guidance.  Remember that we have free will and until we ask, the angels cannot intervene.  Once you have spoken to them, look out for the signs they leave for you either through your dreams, meditation or tangible signs such as coins, feathers, or cloud formations. The signs are confirmation that the Angels have heard your prayers and will help to guide you through each phase and cycle of your life.


I am embracing my angel within at the moment and I am honoured to work with the Angels from the messages they impart through inspirational writing. At their request I have posted quotes and poems on Facebook which resonate with so many people as the words contain trustworthy guidance from above and it touches their souls.  If you have ever wondered what healing with the angels is all about why not have a treatment because that is exactly what it will be, a treat.  You don't know, if you don't try it! From a personal point of view  I am excited to be studying for my Angelic Reiki practitioners course in July which  will compliment the Angel Magic and Angel Harmonic healing that I currently practice and teach. Sharing the light of the angels with others is what makes my heart sing.  


On another note entirely, (well I am the Quirky Medium and I don't do things in a conventional manner!) -  I was thinking the other day about how many times I heard the word 'sorry'. Examples of this were where people had said sorry to me, and in most cases there was no need for them to say sorry, and some of it was me saying it back to them probably because they said sorry to me first and it seemed to round things off nicely!!  Joking aside though I decided to look into the deeper meaning of why the word 'sorry' trips easily off the tongue for some, and others find it very difficult.  In random conversations I overheard, it was obvious that the people who were saying sorry, were anything but. So if this is the case why do we say sorry? I can only speak on my own behalf  - when I say sorry I do generally mean it because otherwise what would be the point of saying it.  However, what I really don't like is when I hear sorry at the beginning of a sentence which usually means that the person in question is not sorry about what they are about to say and that you won't like it at all.  The scenario goes like this "I'm sorry, but......"  or "Sorry, but I have to say this"......  or, "Stop feeling sorry for yourself"!  Yes, you all know what I mean.  But this got me thinking again - who do we never say sorry to, ever?  If you haven't guessed it already - OURSELVES!   When do I ever say sorry to myself?  Never!  when do you say sorry to yourself?  hmmm, I bet it's the same answer.  A good friend once said to me "Do you know, we would never speak to anyone the way we speak to ourselves" and this is so true.  So, please, just for once, look within, and say thank you to you, because you really are the most important person in the world to you. Now it's time to say sorry, and really mean it.  From now on, give yourself credit for what you have achieved and for being a loving person - remember that love is at the heart of everything.  Without love, we are nothing - we were all created from love and the universe is full of loving abundance for us all to share. There is enough to go around so enjoy it!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hi there lovely people!

I wanted to share some news with you.  I have been nominated for the People's Book Prize 2013 Spring Collection and I am so happy that my book The Quirky Medium has done so well!

Could I ask that you please vote for me as I need as many votes as possible to get through to the final.  Here's how to do it: -

  • Click on 'Register' at the top of the Home page;
  • Fill in your name & e-mail address and copy the security code in the coloured box.  Submit this.
  • An e-mail will be sent to you immediately, giving you a password.  Go to your e-mail & make a note of it
  • Now go back to
  • Click on 'Non-Fiction'
  • Click on the image of The Quirky Medium
  • Fill in your e-mail address and your password & copy the security code in the coloured box.  Then tick the 'Add my vote' box and 'Submit'!

People's Book Prize - Book : The Quirky Medium via @wibiya

Thanking you in anticipation!

Whilst thinking of how the Angels have helped me with my book and with the lovely surprise above, I picked an Angel card for you all and here it is: - 


"Yes, the signs you've been receiving are heaven-sent.  We drop feathers, coins and other signs upon your path to remind you that your'e loved and never alone".

So remember to look out for the signs that your Angel is near.  Make sure you are living in the here and now because if not, you may miss those wonderful signs that the celestial realms put on your path to make you sit up and notice.  There is no such thing as coincidence!

May the angels wrap their loving wings around you and keep you safe and warm.