As a Clairvoyant Medium, I receive messages from spirit for my clients.  No two clairvoyant medium's are the same, and each of us use different tools to communicate with spirit.  I use the form of psychometry which is holding a piece of jewellery or other personal item belonging to the client. The personal item retains vibrations and energy from the wearer, which helps me make a connection with spirit. I then share the information given, by loved ones on the 'other side' with the sitter whether it's information around them from the past, in the present or for the future.  I always suggest to clients that they write down what I say as once 'I'm on a roll' you won't remember everything!  As well as succinct messages and conventional information from loved ones in spirit, I love it when spirit give me unique information that only the client would know. Clients have the choice of an hours reading or half an hour. 
I have regular clients that come to me for readings, who pass on my information to new clients.  I feel that word of mouth, is the best form of recommendation.  I am always thrilled when I get feedback from information that was given for the future, which has now come true.  It is total confirmation to the sitter, (as I already know this to be true) -  that there is life after death, and that the universe is so vast, and full of different dimensions.  We are only one of them...

I am now taking bookings for readings from anywhere in the World via Skype  ~ Payments via PayPal - a reading will cost £35. 

Please note I am extremely busy at present so here are instructions for your Skype reading. Once a mutual date has been agreed for your Skype reading, we will send you a PayPal invoice which is to be payable within 24 hours.  If it hasn't been paid by then the date will be offered to someone else waiting for a reading. Once you have paid for your reading we will connect on Skype in readiness for your reading.  A Skype reading will last between 45 minutes and an hour.
Please Contact Me ~ Pre Booking Essential

Please note that I now live in the Costa Blanca Region of Spain to contact me locally, please ring me on 693062794

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