The Angels can help you to get the most out of life.  They can assist you with problem-solving, goal setting, financial difficulty, relationships, love, and any other issues you may have with yourself, or others.  All you have to do is believe and trust in their divine guidance, and ask for whatever it is you want.  Be aware of the simple fact that if you ask, you will receive. One way of bringing in the angels is to make an angel alter, and lighting white candles, as white is the colour of divinity and angels are divine beings of light.  Once we have lit the candles and said our angelic affirmation, we should feel their divine presence.
What are angels – a brief description
Angels are beings of light who serve as a link between the divine and us.  Another name for them is Celestial Beings.  The word angel is derived from the Green word ‘angelos’, which means messenger; and the message that the angels bring is that we are not alone in this world – there is help and companionship at hand for those who are brave enough to seek it.  The angels are very intelligent beings who are capable of deep feelings such as love, protectiveness and compassion.  As they are of a higher realm, they do not know envy, jealousy or hatred these are lesser feelings and are attached to the earthly plane alone.  Only our higher, purer feelings transcend to the angels – thus all you will ever receive from the angelic realms is unconditional love, help, compassion and protection.
How do angels appear to us?
How angels appear to us depends entirely on how you perceive them.  It could be a strong white light, beautiful music, a rainbow of colours, or the traditional celestial being with wings.  An angel can also appear to you as another human being.  There are many stories of strangers helping people out of the most life threatening situations.  These beings appear from no-where, help with the situation, and then seem to disappear into thin air.  There are also stories of people feeling as if they are ‘lifted up’ by unseen hands (or is this wings?) when they were just about to be knocked down by a car, or in other danger.  Whatever form the angels appear to you, be sure of one thing.  They are around us waiting to step in, in our hour of need.  Basically, how you perceive the angelic realms isn’t important.  The fact that you have acknowledged their presence and are preparing yourself to their powers is.  The angels are here.  They are all around us, giving the helping-hand that we all need at one time or another.  There is an angel with you right now.....
Angels through the ages If you look through any religious text you will find angels. Look through the sacred texts and books belonging to the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam and you will find them.  Study various mythologies and you will come across the angels in many different forms, from the Roman Lares, protective household guardians, to the beautiful Valkyries of the Vikings, said to take the souls of warriors safely to Valhalla.  Angels have been with us throughout history and they will continue to be with us through this millennium and beyond.  You can find their images in churches, books, architecture and in the great work of artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael and William Blake.  You can hear their praise sung in hymns, poetry, films such as ‘It’s a wonderful Life’, ‘Michael’, and ‘City of Angels’.

9 Ranks of Angelic Beings.
In heaven there are 9 ranks (or choirs) of angelic being.
·         The Seraphim are the highest of the celestial beings and are reputed to sit at the throne of divinity. They are known as ‘celestial councillors’, watching over and regulating the movement of the heavens.
·         The Cherubim are the guardians of the sun, the moon and the stars.  They are beings of immense light and can outshine all the other angels.  Their duties include the guardianship of all religious temples and abodes, and the
 Dispensing and allocating of divine energy.
·         Thrones are always in the presence of God, and are the angels of the planets.  We have our own throne – The Earth Angel – the angelic guardian of our world.  They work to heal the universe and can also assist in healing the sick and wounded. 
·         Dominions are the divine leaders of the angelic realm.  They help to integrate he material and spiritual planes here on earth and oversee the lower angelic hierarchy.
·         Powers are the keepers of history and the angels of birth and death. They organise all the religions of the world and can regulate chaos.  The Powers are the warrior angels and can be invoked to protect your home, property, family and pets.
·         Virtues serve as a channel to move huge amounts of divine energy down to the earthly plane.  They also work to change the collective consciousness of humankind and open our eyes to the angels.  The virtues aid in all positive thinking techniques.
·         Principalities are the guardian angels of very large groups such as countries, cities, and large organisations such as NATO.  Magically they can help in any spell that deals with authorities, animals or discrimination.  They also assist with decision making, human rights and anything to do with the economy.
·         Archangels often move up and down the celestial ladder as Universal need dictates.  They love humans, magical ones in particular, and are always willing to lend their energies to your spells and rituals. 
·         Angels – Celestial Messengers are the celestial beings that we are most familiar with.  They assign themselves to a particular person and are very involved in mankind and human life.  They work as our closest companions and take us through the transition of birth and death.  These angels also work as a channel between us and the higher celestial beings. 


For those of you who have read my book The Quirky Medium you will know how I came to understand the unconditional love of the angels.  I couldn't have got through the majority of things that have happened in my life without their support and guidance.  Because I wanted to help people and share the love of the angels with them I decided to find out more about the celestial realms and I have gone on to be successful in attaining an Angel Magic Certificate with BSY,  Angel Harmonic Healing Practitioner's certificate with Healing Waters Academy and the Angelic Reiki Practitioner's course.  I also teach people how to talk to the angels in my popular Angel Workshops and in my weekly Spiritual Development classes.

I have written a whole course dedicated to the angels which I taught on line for those who couldn't attend my workshops in Spain. The course is called Discover the Angels, the same name as my angel website and members enjoyed joining in our angel forum, angel library and learning all about the angels in their own time and from the comfort of their own home. Due to other work comittments the course is not now available on-line but the course material will be downloaded onto an e-book an will be available for purchase through Amazon, in the near future.

My Discover the Angels page is very popular on Facebook where myself and colleague Brenda post inspiring messages and images about the angelic realm.

For those of you who would like to join an Angel Group, I have an open group on Facebook called Archangel Harmony, and a closed group - Angel Magic. If you'd like to join either of these, please droop me a private message on Facebook telling me a little about yourself.  

Below are my lovely Angel Helpers!




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