Rescue Mediums

Alison is a Co-Host of the TV show Rescue Mediums, with Jackie Dennison
Here is a selection of clips for you to watch, I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did filming them!

Episode 82 "King Street"

A century home that now serves as part Daycare has been visited by many spirits. The homeowners have had paranormal investigation teams in before. When the Rescue Mediums get there, they uncover some of the some ghosts and more to boot! Now, hopefully, the nights are as serene as the days!

Rescue Mediums Episode 67 "Devils Creek"

A young couple are disturbed when voices and visions appear in their home. Thankfully, even though the name of the area is Devil's Creek, no devil was found! But a mysterious male spirit was discovered by the Rescue Mediums with extremely surprising results for one of the residents.

Rescue Mediums Episode 75 "Churchland Drive"

 This could well be the most powerful haunting the Rescue Mediums have every encountered! The strong, dark spirit drives Alison from the home and she feels she may not be able to continue. Jackie, too, becomes overshadowed. The Rescue Mediums fight like they have never done before.

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