Monday, 25 February 2013

Hello special people - I am writing this after a refreshing swim and sauna and I'm now getting down to business!

Well what have I been up to?  Quite a lot! and I need to practice what I preach and find time for me which is easier said than done but I am looking forward to soaking up the beautiful energies of the full moon tonight. I love giving my crystals a 'boost' and will leave them out overnight so the moon can charge them and work it's magic.

Don't forget that I am now doing Skype readings which are available no matter where you are in the world and I have received wonderful feedback from readings which will be added to my testimonials page on my website

It's not too late to enter the competition to win a signed copy of my book The Quirky Medium in February's edition of Prediction magazine.  Closing date is 28th February and if you enter, good luck!  In the latest edition (March) I help you to spring clean your life.  It seemed a befitting thing to write about with Spring literally around the corner!  If you get into action you will be able to add a touch of angelic feng shui to your home and connect with the angels of water, who help us with our personal makeovers.

I had a lovely surprise this week when our Publisher Local Legend sent us new Local Legend authors a photograph he had taken of the front window of Watkins book store in Central London which is now displaying our books for everyone to see! Watkins are the biggest seller of spiritual books in the UK so it's such a privilege that they have included The Quirky Medium in  their fabulous window display. Can you spot it?

I have lots of things coming up such as a new workshop entitled Spiritual Haven which gives a taster of everything spiritual from Angels, Cosmic Ordering, Magic, Psychic Development, Visualisation and much, much more.  It will help you to determine what you feel 'float's your boat' as they say!  I am running the workshops because so many of you have been saying that you are starting out on your spiritual path but are not quite sure in which subject you want developing.  This way you will get a taster of a bit of everything!

I will also be running my popular Angel Magic workshop in May and will be doing a regular slot (every 6 weeks or so) on a Wednesday evening at 9.30pm chatting and doing readings on the up and coming radio blog 'Keeping the Paranormal Friendly'.  So watch this space, and have a great week everyone!

Angel blessings,


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