Monday, 27 May 2013

Dear all,

I hope you've had a lovely weekend - I am so excited to be a finalist in the prestigious People's Book Prize. Please vote for me - there are only two days of voting left as voting finishes tomorrow, (Tuesday 28th May).

Here is the link to register and vote.

Don't forget that I do Skype readings wherever you are globally, please drop me a line via my contacts page if you would like to book a Skype reading. It's a lovely way to meet you and I prefer it to telephone readings if you can't come to see me personally for a 1 to 1 reading. I can do readings in a number of ways including 1 to 1, Skype, or I can do demonstrations of clairvoyance in front of an audience. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to receive more information.

Well it's been a funny week and I've fitted a lot in.  Last weekend I held one of my popular Angel Breath Workshops and we had an amazing day!  The energies in the room were, as ever, beautiful and working with the angels at such a deep level touched many souls in attendance. See below for a couple of pictures of our lovely day.

On Friday I went to visit my good friend Barbara and we spent a lovely day together.  The messages and signs from the angels have been coming thick and fast as confirmation that I am on the right path and the day with Barbara was no exception.  As we were walking along the canal tow-path I had to laugh as we passed a boat I have seen before in our own home-town.  It's called the 'Wandering Angel' - for those of you who read my regular blog updates you will remember why it's called that. Behind it was another boat called 'Serenity', and last but not least was 'Nutmeg' which is a term I use for anyone who is acting the goat. As if that wasn't enough, I reached into my pocket for my phone, and out flew a white fluffy feather!  It circled over our heads, and landed in a field nearby obviously waiting for someone else to find it as a sign that their angel has been near.  That evening my husband John had arranged a surprise meal for me for our up and coming wedding anniversary.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into the bistro to see Barbara and her husband Nick sitting there!  She said it had been extremely hard for her to keep quiet all day as she was trying her hardest not to slip up.  We had a fabulous evening of fun and laughter - what a wonderful surprise.

I woke up on Saturday to a beautiful sunny day and gave thanks because it was our friends son's wedding and we were invited to the evening reception.  John and I took our time getting there during the afternoon and booked into our hotel room at our leisure- we could see the wedding party outside in the grounds of the hotel having their photo's taken.  As we were getting ready for the evening reception John reached into his holdall and pulled out a small angel photograph - neither of us had put it there,and he had only used the holdall two days before when we went to the gym - how did it get there?  we don't know, but it was a wonderful gift from the angels as confirmation of their presence.

On Sunday my Mum came to our house and we nipped to the local garden centre for some plants- we had a BBQ as it was such a lovely sunny day, and I pottered in the garden planting and admiring my handiwork!

As I am typing this blog on Bank Holiday Monday I'm glad we took the dog for her long walk earlier as it is pouring down with rain.  It is mine and John's wedding anniversary today, 11 years of marriage and I wonder where it has gone.  We've done well, and although we've had our ups and downs as most couples do, I feel blessed that I have shared my life with a wonderful caring and supportive man who I love very much. He loves me too, quirks and all!

Here are the earth angels who attended my angel workshop - look out for new dates of the next Angel Breath Workshop and the higher level workshop- details of both coming soon.

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