Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Halo beautiful people,

The theme for this month is Angels!  As you know I  have been working with the celestial realms for a long time now and they relay their messages to me and for others, in such a wonderful and magical way. For those of you who have read my book 'The Quirky Medium' you will be aware of how they communicate with me through the art of Inspirational Writing. Oh and if you haven't read my book yet what are you waiting for! Their words flow through via poems, affirmations and messages of wisdom and light and I share many of these with friends on Facebook and followers on twitter @rescuemediumali  

Here is a poem I wrote yesterday - I hope you enjoy it : -

If your feeling down and blue there's something you can do,
Talk to your angel - their love for you is true.
All you need to do is ask and tell them what's troubling you -
they'll be by your side in a flash & your guiding light will ensue.
Humans have free will you see - and the angel's can't intervene,
but as soon as you call out for help the signs they leave will be seen.
This will be their answer - that your prayers have been heard. Their sign could be a feather, a coin or even a bird.
So remember to talk to your angel, who resides in heaven above, As their healing wings surround you, in pure unconditional love...


Last week I shared the most amazing 3 days with the lovely Parveen Smith from Celestial Radio receiving pure energy and healing from the angels and ascended masters.  I am now the proud owner of my Angelic Reiki Practitioners Certificate!.  Angelic Reiki is a chartered body and recognised worldwide. If you would like an Angelic Reiki treatment please let me know - it is the most beautiful healing whereby the angels work through the practitioner as a channel and the recipient receives healing direct from the angelic kingdom of light.  I will be adding more information to my website about how you can enjoy the love and light of the angels and bring their energy into your home, personal life and work.  Watch this space!

Being so busy I have now listened - (yes I do as I am told at times!) and I now have 3 lovely 'Angel Ladies' helping me with my work and I can't thank them enough!  I will be adding more information about 'Ali's Angel's Brenda, Sarah and Mary in the near future but I thought I would share the lovely Sarah Ball's website with you - check it out at

John took this picture of me holding my Angelic Reiki Practitioner's certificate - I love the sun's rays in the background!

I am proud to present my next Angel Workshop 'Angel Magic & You!  which will take place on Sunday 15th September in Northwich Cheshire.  Full details to follow.  This workshop is getting booked up quickly so if you would like to know more/book a place please let me know @  For those of you who are on facebook, check out full details on the events page.

Its been a busy couple of weeks, I enjoyed an hour with Stephen Lambert @ EGH Media giving mini readings on air.  You can listen again at  - the next Quirky Medium show will be on Tuesday 20th August at 7pm.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I enjoy sharing the universal love of Reiki and I attuned a lovely lady this week to 3rd Degree Reiki - she is now a Reiki Master and it's such a big step and one that the person has to feel ready for in their life.  I was honoured when she asked if I would attune her.

I have a Second Degree Reiki class coming up soon and I am really looking forward to sharing a special day of  love, light and life force energy.

This weekend I will be at The Knutsford Mind Body & Spirit Fair doing Clairvoyant Readings - why not pop by to say hello? The event will take place at Knutsford Curzon, Toft Road.  I will be there on both days, 27th & 28th July.

As an Angel Magic practitioner I wanted to share some more inspirational writing with you.  I have a word of the month on Facebook and yes you've guessed it, this month's word is magic!  I hope you take some comfort from the words : -


Magic is the vibrance of mother nature in all her glory, & seeing a child's first smile. Magic is hearing the birds singing at dawn & having fun with friends. Magic is the unconditional love of the angels, and understanding that you are here to live your own life & that no-one should try to control you or take your power. Magic is knowing who you are from within & allowing your spiritual light to shine brightly for all to see. Magic is all around you - don't miss it! as it's your time now to live the dream. Have a magical day & believe .......

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