Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hello everyone,

It's The Quirky Medium here!  So what have I been up to lately?

My interview about my book The Quirky Medium was aired on Friday - If you missed the interview and want to listen in,you can do so for the next week or so - here is the link and I hope you enjoy it.

Well its been a busy week pulling things together for new projects, I've done a lot of writing, and on Friday I got lost...  Literally.....

I was off to Nantwich and realised that the traffic was getting worse to the point where we were crawling along.  Then just at the crossroads where I wanted to go straight ahead  the police sent us down another road leading to a town I wasn't familiar with.  Off I trundled wondering where the road would take me but trusting in my angels non-the-less.  Eventually I came to a mini roundabout (well I don't even think it was that!) I probably shouldn't have gone around it as I got a few beeps but I ended up on the road I'd driven along and finally ended up again at the junction.  Now this was a car journey, but it got me thinking about how many times our lives take a different turn than the one we expect. As humans, we like to plan.  For example: - holidays, weddings, savings etc and when things take a detour, panic sets in.  However, as much as we can, the angels prefer us to go with the flow and enjoy living in the moment.  If you are at a crossroads in your life right now and are not sure which path to take ask the angels for help and watch for the signs they leave for you.

I was talking to them earlier in the week and asked for a sign then round the side of the house we found a huge feather - no idea how it got there.  It looked like a pheasants feather but I have never seen a pheasant near to our house so I knew the angels had brought it to me and decided to look up the meaning.  In animal symbolism here is what I found about the pheasant: -

Be creative and productive and remember to tap into the passion that burns deep inside of you.  The pheasant asks you to be inspired, and reach great heights on your spiritual awareness but at the same time being grounded and knowing when to retreat to recharge your batteries. A wonderful message!

Yesterday John and I decided to be spontaneous and we got onto his motor bike and rode to The Lake District. We hadn't spent much time together lately with me being so busy so it was wonderful to have a whole day to ourselves.  The weather was gorgeous and the scenery stunning.  It did us both the world of good and it would have been so easy just to stay at home and get some work done.  Sometimes you need to have some recreation time so that when you get back to work you do so with your batteries charged.  I for one will take head from the message from the pheasant feather.

If you love Spirit & Destiny Magazine look out for one of my positive affirmations in the November issue - available to purchase from the shops at the end of October.

I had to laugh this week because I had just finished an incredible angel healing on one of my clients and we were having a chat in my meditation room at the bottom of our garden.  All of a sudden we heard a thud at the door and when I opened it my cat Celeste waltzed in.  She walked around the room with her head lifted as if she was enjoying the wonderful angel energy in the room.  I've attached a photograph of her below looking rather zen-like!

Remember that I do Skype Readings so if you would like a clairvoyant reading with myself please feel free to get in touch through my contacts page and I will get back to you as soon as  possible.  Many people have enjoyed their readings with me via Skype which is a wonderful arena for those who can't come to see me personally. I can do them wherever you are globally!

I will be doing my Quirky Medium show on EGH Media in October - date to be announced soon. I do predictions and mini readings for listeners and the show is getting very popular so make sure you ring in with a chance to get a free reading from yours truly!.

Before I leave, I thought I would share part of a lovely lovely message my dear friend Sarah sent to me in the week.

With the rising of the sun starts a brand new day, let the rays of the sun warm you through and cleanse your aura which will grow and encompass the angels glow. Feel their wings wrap around you and envelop you with love and healing.  If you want to check out more about Sarah, click on the link which will take you to her beautiful website.

So for now, it's goodbye from me!  Have a wonderful week and believe...............

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