Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hello peeps!

I hope all is well in your world.  Well it doesn't seem that long ago on my last blog where I was commenting on how much the sun was shining.  How things can change drastically in a few weeks!  We've had torrential rain now for about a week but what amazing rainbows have appeared in the sky and I managed to snap a double one - see photo below.

Talking about change, many of you are feeling unsettled as there is a massive shift in energy on the earth-plane and accelerated changes are taking place in your life.  Some of you may have lost your jobs or feel as if you want more - that there is something else out there that will help you to feel fulfilled.  It is so difficult when it feels as if your world has turned on it's head but change is inevitable if you are to find out what your true purpose in life is.  With the help of your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel you will be able to grow spiritually with the realisation that everything happens in divine timing - once you realise that worrying and wondering what the outcome of a situation will be and bring your awareness back to the here and now, be prepared for the windows of opportunity to open. Take baby steps at first, until you feel in your heart and gut feeling that it is time to jump off the lilly-pad and leave the past behind.

If you need help right now, call upon the Elemental Angels of fire who will help you to transform your life, protecting you as you go through the necessary changes in life in order to reach your future goals. The Archangel that is associated with the element of fire is Michael.  The element of Fire is a tool of transformation and the spiritual light transforms using the vibrations of energy thus turning dark and heavy energy into shining light again. The element of fire denotes intuition, dynamic purposeful action and transformation. These beautiful angels can also help with goal setting - it is a good idea to write down a list of what you are not happy with, replacing anything negative with positivity.

So what have I been up to of late? I have been busy updating my online Angel Course as well as teaching my development class and 1 to 1 tuition.  I have written one of my positive affirmations for Spirit & Destiny Magazine which will be out at the end of October (December issue) and I have also written another piece for the same magazine for their New Year Edition! about the beautiful Angel Harmonic Healing. You will be able to listen to The Quirky Medium show on EGH Media on the 18th November where I will be doing mini readings on air. This link will be updated soon to incorporate the new show but you can follow the prompts on the attached so you know what to do if you fancy a reading with yours truly!

I thought I would attach a picture of the Akashic Records - see below which links in perfectly to a meditation I wrote for my development class last night. Everyone had the most incredible experience in the meditation so I thought I would share a little bit of information about this magnificent & ancient dimension of consciousness. Did you know that there is a book within the Akashic records that contains the history or blue print of your soul? What an amazing thought! With practice (and with an experienced teacher) you may be able to release old patterns and ideas through information conveyed to you within the inner universal library of the mind. Wow!

As I am typing this the sun has decided to show it's face again so I am off chasing rainbows.  Have a magical month & remember to have fun along the way!



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