Friday, 31 January 2014

Magical Universal energies

Hi everyone, I hope your having a magical day.  Well, it's been a while! Seems ages ago when I was writing my last blog wishing everyone a Happy New Year and here we are, rolling into February already.  January has whizzed by, a lot has been happening at once and I have been carried along on the tide of life.  Universal energies are very strong right now and changes are occurring swiftly with no exception to myself.

The Wishing Shelf

I am over the moon to be in the finals of The Wishing Shelf Independent book awards in the Adult non-fiction category. with my first book, The Quirky Medium.

The Quirky Medium Author Page

 Check out my author page on Amazon for further information about me, and my book!

Discover the angels

As if that isn't enough excitement I have launched my new website today which is dedicated to the angels and how they can help you to lead a positive life if only you know how to talk to them, notice the signs they leave for you and which angel to call upon!  to name but a few subjects you may want to discover about the angels

On-line Angel Course - coming soon!

New for Spring 2014 - I will be teaching an On-line Angel Course so if you want to be one of the first to sign up for this wonderful course subscribe to the newsletter now!

Forthcoming Events

Join me in an Evening of Clairvoyance at the Moulton Verdin Club in Northwich on Friday 21st March - I will be giving messages to people in the audience and mini personal readings.  The event only recently been so look out for my tweets @rescuemediumali   coming very soon.

I will be doing readings at the South Manchester Mind Body & Spirit Fair @ The Chorlton Irish Club, 17 High Lane, Chorlton on Sunday 23rd March. The event will be a wonderful day out if you enjoy all things spiritual!  Hope to see you there.

Stay positive

I know it's very difficult to remain positive if you are worried about something or are wondering how an event in your life will turn out.  However, you may be blocking your own process through worry or stress which can create a stagnant feeling.  In order to move forward rather than backwards try to meditate as much as you can - turn the phone off, put on some relaxing music and inwardly ask your Guardian Angel & your Spirit Guide to surround you in their loving light & show you the way.  Believe & make a wish!

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