Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hello there!

La Casa Wynne!

Well, John and I have settled into our new home in Spain after all the upheaval and most of the internal work has been done. Our pets are happy here too, and enjoying the lovely warm weather. When I was taking the dog for a walk earlier today I looked around at the mountain range, the blue sky, and felt the sun on my back and I can honestly say I felt totally at one with myself - what a lovely feeling. by the way, I don't have a sign on the front of the house as per the heading above!!

On-line Angel Workshop

I've been busy working on my On-line Angel Workshop so if you haven't had chance to see what's on offer, why not check it out @ there are plenty of articles as well as the chance to be one of the first to know when the on-line course is being launched, by subscribing to the Newsletter.  As a member of the workshop you will receive offers and/or discounts on forthcoming events, readings and literature.

Here, there, and everywhere!

I'll be back in the UK in a few weeks time and I'm really looking forward to catching up with family and friends. We will have lots to catch up with and places to visit so here's hoping I take some sun back with me as I believe it's a wash out at present!

Readings & Workshops

 I am doing 1 to 1 readings here in Spain, Reiki healing & attunements as well as Angel workshops/angel healing, and Spiritual Development classes. Look out for my article and advert in The Big Glossy. Up and coming events and workshops will be advertised in the near future. I will be doing Clairvoyant readings & events in Cheshire UK later on in the year, and of course, Skype Readings, and Angel E-mail readings are proving very popular as these can be done wherever you are in the world.  To book, go to my 'readings' page on this website and send me an e-mail.  I will then let you know my availability.

The Quirky Medium is a  winner!

My first book, The Quirky Medium was a finalist in The People's Book Prize Awards, and more recently has been awarded the Silver Certificate in The Wishing Shelf Independent Awards. It makes a great holiday read whether in hard copy or as the e-book.  Read it in bed if you dare!


Synchronicity is one of the most beautiful ways that our Spirit Guides and Angels communicate with us and a lot has happened around me lately since moving to Spain. Messages have come via new people I have met, the name of the road (Calle) where we live - which I've mentioned before, and overhearing conversations about subjects I'd talked about earlier in the day. Not to mention dreams, finding feathers in unusual places and that strong feeling of deja vu when you visit somewhere that you know you've never been to in this lifetime and yet, it seems very familiar.... Look out for the signs of synchronicity because there is no such thing as coincidence - these events happen to make us sit up and notice, and most have relevant meanings to help you onto the next step of your spiritual pathway.

Do you have an angel story to tell?

I am looking for true and  unique stories of angel visitations for a project I'm working on. I'm particularly interested in hearing about heightened senses where you know or feel, that your Guardian Angel has stepped in, or an event cannot be explained other than having been divinely guided. I am also very interested in true stories about, or from children who have seen angels or felt comforted by them, and any of you who draw angels via creative inspirational art, and how your gift started.  If you are happy in sharing your experience please e-mail me or if you are already friends on Facebook, you can send me a private message.  Any published stories will win a prize as well as including any promotional stuff you'd like published such as your website, social media pages etc. - details will be revealed in the near future.

Radio Blog

Listen in to KTPF radio blog where I will be talking about all things spiritual and doing mini readings on air. Date to be confirmed soon!

Angel card of the month

This month your Archangel card is Uriel who works on the ruby ray made up of purple and gold. This is the ray of wisdom and spirituality. You are blessed to attract this angel card, for Uriel will bring you serenity, love, tranquility and peace. You, in your turn, are invited to spread these beautiful qualities to others. Connecting with Archangel Uriel will enable you to aspire to oneness with all humanity. This is a high state of grace which will bring you freedom and joy. Visualise yourself in a purple and gold cloak and invoke Archangel Uriel's helpl to raise your consciousness.

Harness the Full Moon!

Earth energies have been somewhat turbulent of late, and I often turn to the moon for help when I need an extra boost of energy. I have been meditating on our rooftop and bathing in the moon's spiritual beams of light. Sound mad? not to me, because it works! and the moon beams energise my crystals a treat too. The new moon especially is a time to plant new seeds for the future, so the upheaval that many people are going through at present can be attributed to change that they have go through, which will then lead them to their place of destiny. So the next time there is a full moon, notice how the moonbeams have a healing effect that can work as a release of anything stagnant you are holding onto. Say the following incantation: - "Dear moon please send your beams of light to surround my heart with love. Help me to release any worries and strife to bring healing into my life".  Thank you.

Blessings to each and every one of you.

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