Saturday, 30 March 2013

Halo everyone!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend - so what are you all up to? I've been busy as usual and have been sitting in the garden doing some work this week.  The weather has started to take turn for the better although it's still very cold at night and frosty in the mornings but at least we've had a bit of sun here in Cheshire UK.  On Friday I had a very much needed 'chill' day with some meditation and reading and today (Saturday) I was teaching for most of the day and enjoyed a lovely meal and quality time with my husband John at our favourite Chinese restaurant and once we were back home we had a soak in the hot tub which was lovely.  I feel very relaxed and Zen-like right now!

The Angels continue to give me so many signs of their presence and unconditional love and I enjoy sharing their messages with friends on my Facebook pages 'Archangel Harmony', and 'Angel Magic'.  There are new ventures on the horizon that I am really excited about and I should sometimes practice what I preach about having patience - I can't wait!

Tomorrow, (Easter Sunday) will be spent with my loved ones and our 3 grand-daughters who will no doubt bring all their Easter eggs with them.  Olivia who is 7 has learned the real meaning of Easter at school and she is so sensitive and spiritual I know she will have many questions for me about this subject tomorrow. Rather than buying them an egg I have bought them a DVD which made me laugh as the tiny one, Alex who is 3 wanted Scooby Doo. However when we play it she says "Scary" and spends most of her time with her hands over her eyes and yet she seems to love it!  Anyway, there is method in my madness as the DVD's will last much longer than a chocolate egg and will be much healthier unless they get square eyes from watching too much television!

On Easter Monday I will be having a mother/ daughter day with Lauren - we may go out to lunch and do a little shopping - but whatever we get up to it will be nice spending time together - something that we don't get to do often with looking after the children and work.

Easter/Springtime is about new beginnings and growth and as I sat in the garden yesterday I felt that my senses had been heightened whilst listening to the birds singing and the soft breeze rustling the leaves on the trees. The purple and yellow crocus are in bud, and the daffodils and tulips are starting to open.  Such a lovely spectrum of colour.  Mother Nature really is a sight to behold.

As I am writing this, the Angels asked me to pick a card for those who will read this blog. The card is the 'Eight of Water' from the Angel Tarot deck - "A desire to move on and the search for something more meaningful as you learn all about spiritual and emotional growth".

So for those of you who do feel that they are reaching out for something new, I will leave you with this message that was channelled through me from my Spirit Guide Ruby and is one of the quotes in my book The Quirky Medium. "Our light is shining for you to see, have faith and we will do the rest".

Please believe, and know that you are never alone, you may not feel or see your angel or spirit guide by your side but they are always there.

Happy Easter everyone, and may all your dreams come true,

With lots of love & Angel blessings from The Quirky Medium x

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