Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hello beautiful people

How is life treating you right now?  For those of you who are feeling tired, fed up, hurt, angry, I hope you like this little poem I tweeted recently - it is like a little comfort blanket from the angels to remind us of their presence.  I hope you like it : -

Give your feelings of hurt, anger frustration and heaviness up to the angels so they can shroud you in their loving light and positivity. They have your best interests at heart so enjoy the peace they impart, and believe....


Try your best to do just that - if your burdens are too heavy, give them up to the celestial realms and ask them for guidance.  Remember that we have free will and until we ask, the angels cannot intervene.  Once you have spoken to them, look out for the signs they leave for you either through your dreams, meditation or tangible signs such as coins, feathers, or cloud formations. The signs are confirmation that the Angels have heard your prayers and will help to guide you through each phase and cycle of your life.


I am embracing my angel within at the moment and I am honoured to work with the Angels from the messages they impart through inspirational writing. At their request I have posted quotes and poems on Facebook which resonate with so many people as the words contain trustworthy guidance from above and it touches their souls.  If you have ever wondered what healing with the angels is all about why not have a treatment because that is exactly what it will be, a treat.  You don't know, if you don't try it! From a personal point of view  I am excited to be studying for my Angelic Reiki practitioners course in July which  will compliment the Angel Magic and Angel Harmonic healing that I currently practice and teach. Sharing the light of the angels with others is what makes my heart sing.  


On another note entirely, (well I am the Quirky Medium and I don't do things in a conventional manner!) -  I was thinking the other day about how many times I heard the word 'sorry'. Examples of this were where people had said sorry to me, and in most cases there was no need for them to say sorry, and some of it was me saying it back to them probably because they said sorry to me first and it seemed to round things off nicely!!  Joking aside though I decided to look into the deeper meaning of why the word 'sorry' trips easily off the tongue for some, and others find it very difficult.  In random conversations I overheard, it was obvious that the people who were saying sorry, were anything but. So if this is the case why do we say sorry? I can only speak on my own behalf  - when I say sorry I do generally mean it because otherwise what would be the point of saying it.  However, what I really don't like is when I hear sorry at the beginning of a sentence which usually means that the person in question is not sorry about what they are about to say and that you won't like it at all.  The scenario goes like this "I'm sorry, but......"  or "Sorry, but I have to say this"......  or, "Stop feeling sorry for yourself"!  Yes, you all know what I mean.  But this got me thinking again - who do we never say sorry to, ever?  If you haven't guessed it already - OURSELVES!   When do I ever say sorry to myself?  Never!  when do you say sorry to yourself?  hmmm, I bet it's the same answer.  A good friend once said to me "Do you know, we would never speak to anyone the way we speak to ourselves" and this is so true.  So, please, just for once, look within, and say thank you to you, because you really are the most important person in the world to you. Now it's time to say sorry, and really mean it.  From now on, give yourself credit for what you have achieved and for being a loving person - remember that love is at the heart of everything.  Without love, we are nothing - we were all created from love and the universe is full of loving abundance for us all to share. There is enough to go around so enjoy it!

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