Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hola from a very sunny Spain! I can't believe it's November - truly beautiful weather and perfect for sitting meditating in the winter sun. Bliss.....

Talking of Meditation, I thought I would share one of my precious moments with you as posted on FB today. Hope you like it.


" I had the most amazing meditation this morning - so beautiful & uplifting. What was just as beautiful, was when I was grounding beforehand Libby came & pressed herself against my foot. I put my hand on her giving her healing. (She's an old girly now @ 12) & has quite a few lumps & bumps bless her. After the meditation I looked down @ her & she was glowing! She'd been on the journey with me & her aura was so strong & bright. Truly 1 of the most special moments ever.. Feeling blessed."

When you are opening up to spirit or the angels, Meditation is the key - it's the backbone to everything spiritual, so whether you meditate in a group as part of a guided meditation or on your own - remember to have patience and don't compare yourself with others. Everyone is unique and have their own individual qualities. Some people may be able to see more in meditation, others can feel, sense or hear. Gradually, with experience and practice you may be able to combine all of your senses and trust those beautiful higher energies as you engage with them on a deep inner journey of light. Always believe in yourself and trust in the hand of spirit and the angels.

Meditation is a wonderful way also of letting go of everything that no longer serves you. As you calm your mind and ask the angels to wrap pink and green healing light around your heart chakra ask them to step in and help you to move on from all that no longer serves you. 

I asked the Angels to help me to pick a card that would reach out to most of you right now. Letting go can be extremely difficult, but carrying on in a situation that no longer serves you can, in the long term, be even more difficult to the point of being extremely painful emotionally and physically. I know many people are feeling stagnant right now and some are in relationships that have gone past their sell-by date so I hope this card helps you to find the courage to do what you know in your heart, you must do. 


Join me on Saturday 21st November at La Bodequeta Lo Crispin for an Evening of Clairovyance 8pm to 10pm

I will be doing readings at The Footworks Dance Studio - Los Montesinos on Sunday 22nd November

Come along and have a reading with yours truly @ The Mind Body & Wellness event @ Casa Ventura on Saturday 28th November. Free admission!

POSTERS COMING SOON! FOR 2 EVENTS,  On Saturday 19th December I will be doing readings @ THE SOUL TO SOUL MBS, This will be held at Diamantes, El Mojon, Torre Horadada.


My own event At The Club Queseda. Helping to raise money for the Easy Horse Day Care Centre and Poster coming soon!  A PSYCHIC NIGHT WITH A DIFFERENCE WITH THE QUIRKY MEDIUM (Messages for audience members from Spirit) together with the wonderful GILLIAN BERRIDGE, (Spirit Artist). Free mini Pink or Blue Gin on arrival and a raffle with fabulous prizes. AFTER SHOW MEET & GREET & BOOK SIGNING. Don't miss out! Only 10 Euro's a ticket. Show starts at 4pm. After Show @ 7.00 to 7.15pm. THE CLUB WILL BE SERVING FOOD SO COME ALONG AND HAVE YOUR LUNCH BEFORE THE SHOW!

See the link below to find out more about the wonderful work that the Easy Horse Care Centre does to help neglected horses and donkey's.


This week's article in the CostaBlancaPeople was in reply to Linda who wondered if you could have an Archangel as your Guardian Angel. See the link for my reply and subsequent article about 'The Fabulous Four'!  My article is on page 31

This month in the All Abroad Magazine I share information with readers about Spirit Guides. My article is on page 20 of the Online Magazine.


Take a look if you dare... at Very, the brainchild of Rescue Mediums Producer and Director Michael Lamport & Gregory Shepard. Very Paranormal includes some of the scariest ghost hunts you will ever see, together with spooky unexplained goings on, Every episode of The Rescue Mediums Show ever shown, and tutorials from myself and Jackie, my co-host on Rescue Mediums.


Check out my Angel Website for further information about these beautiful channelled cards. I have a waiting list so if you would like to order a deck please drop me a line at

The beautiful image on the front of the cards has been channelled by my very good friend and fabulous Spirit Artist, Gillian Berridge. If you want to see more of her work, please find her at

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing, and always remember - BELIEVE!

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